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Color Inspiration No.26: Black, Sienna, Turmeric, Prussian Blue, and Camel

Color Inspiration n.26 - Eclectic Trends

Before we dive into our Color Inspiration No.26, let me repeat what we said in our newsletter already:  THANK YOU to everybody who took part in our survey last week and let us know what product you’d like us to offer and the content you would love to read on Eclectic Trends.

We somehow knew it, but your responses confirmed again, you would like to see more COLOR on Eclectic Trends and this is what we are going to do now. Actually we are already planning and are about to produce color related products. If you’d like us to hear further more on how we could help, please leave a comment below. What color related products would you like to see? How would you use these? Why is color important to you?

To start with more color related inspiration, we are back with a COLOR INSPIRATION today.

Today’s inspiration mood board features Dusty Black, Sienna, Turmeric, Prussian Blue and Camel.

Color Inspiration No.26 balance dark nuances with warmer tones that we have been spotting often lately in a “Modern meets Ancient” combination.

The color combination we have picked here combines an empowering, dusty black background with warmer shades, that evoke the much needed comforting coziness of our everyday lives . On the other side, the Prussian blue and the neutral beige add a refreshing, cooler touch.

What we know so far is that an interesting color palette is ALWAYS about contrasts by combining opposites such as warm and cold, vibrant and muted, monochromatic and bright…

Earth-bounded browns mirror the renewed focus on nature and take us closer to our roots as living beings. At the same time, rich Turmeric energizes the color combination adding also a sense of ancient, sacred influence.

Color Inspiration n.26 - Eclectic Trends

Mother of London| Michelle Maguire and Kelsey McClellan | Daria Zanovatnaya | Object / Charlie Schuck

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