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Color Inspiration No.27: Iris, Coffee, Satin, Biscotti, and Ginger (Ebook)

Color Inspiration No.27-Eclectic Trends

Color Inspiration No.27 has all the right hues for the cold winter days: Iris, Coffee, Satin, Biscotti, and Ginger.

Color Inspiration No.27 has a calming mix, echoes the first lazy days of this season, during which the only thing we need is a comfy and warm sweater and a hot cup of tea or coffee in our hands.

Free Ebook Color Inspiration No.27 | Eclectic Trends

The light Iris reminds us of the typical color the sky has in cold days, while Biscotti (pale yellow) is the suffused ray of lights covered by clouds and contrasted by two earthy tones, named after natural products present in nature: Coffee and Ginger.

Satin comes in a shy presence to give the composition a balance.

When featuring several brown shades in one composition, you can go for a more subtle contrast, as seen above, or create the bold statement we were looking for in our previous Color Inspiration No.26.

Color Inspiration No.27-Eclectic Trends

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Rus|Billie Van Katwijk |Leebecca | Diane Dal-Pra

Overall, this composition is calming, showing how natural colors such as those presenting the elements of water and earth can result in a serene, natural, and harmonic contrast.

Iris is, at times, an ambiguous color as the shades are perceived from a blue-violet to violet. This color refers to the most known Iris flower hue, which comes in a broad array of colors.

While Biscotti is a variable tint that appears diluted with white, it almost resembles the hue of cream, providing light, optimism, and softness. Satin is to give a soft skin tone with some touches of cinnamon to create shadows and depth.

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Would you like to come back to this article at any time? We’ve created an ebook of this color inspiration you can download to work with here.

The design is very different from this post and includes texts, individual images, and percentages!


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