Color Inspiration No.29: Lavender, Toffee, Coriander, Saffron, Orchil (Ebook)

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As part of the September Issue and our biggest Wednesday Journal edition to date, we are releasing the latest Color Inspiration No.29 featuring Lavender, Toffee, Coriander, Saffron, and Orchil.

The color story comes again as a downloadable ebook with hex codes to work with the color palette whenever you need to go back.



Lilac hues have been around for some seasons. We also have seen much use in digital visualizations during the past months. The recent increasing use shouldn’t come as a surprise, taking into consideration that Lavender often has strong connections to qualities, such as caring, being emotional, and nurturing. 

Warm Toffee, again a nourishing hue, reminds of hot chocolate and a light shift of temperatures, now that we had the first signals of an ending summer.

Coriander is a lively color and symbolizes renewal and growth within the family of Greens. The green spectrum is broad; we have seen many manifestations during this year, from acid tones to khaki and Versace green (who can forget JLo’s catwalk?).


Images TL to BR: Sicky Mag | Refinery29 |@mascreationsworld |Houtiqu


Saffron is derived from the Arabic word Zaffaran. It is a color that symbolizes the path of enlightening or new beginnings, such as in Hinduism. The Hindu scriptures attribute saffron with sacrifice, salvation, and the quest for wisdom or light.

Orchil is made from lichens. The secret of orchil production seems to have been lost to the West until the 14th century when an Italian merchant used lichens to dye wools and silks. His discovery made him rich.

You’ll find more information and extended texts within the nine pages report. Download the ebook and continue reading…





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