Color Inspiration No.6: Sunbasque, Lounge Green, Tea Rose, Vine & Black

Color Inspiration June-Eclectic Trends

Color Inspiration June-Eclectic Trends

Clockwise: Damien Plotierre | Other stories | Julia Noni | via Ianlanterman

Instead of a mood board, I have done a color inspiration board this month, and though I really try, I can’t get away from the cosmetic shade palette. I am afraid I am still very much rooted and drawn to the Earth Color Trend. The warm taupe colors are  hearty, pleasing and approachable neutral pairing well with any other shade. I like them combined with a more dusty palette (Lounge Green and Tea Rose) but find it interesting to add a bolder Vine tone that adds a welcome punch.

Sunbasque, Lounge Green, Tea Rose, Vine and Black to add a hint of drama are my choice for June! G, x


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