Color Inspiration No.8: Stone Green, Antique Rose, Lemon Butter, Amber & Pine

Color Inspiration No.8-Stone Green, Rosy Brown, Lemon Butter, Amber & Black Green via Eclectic Trends

Color Inspiration No.8 spins around the two Reeta Ek posters I found at the Salone earlier this year, and I thought they were really spot on. Rosy Brown combined with Pine is very beautiful, but it’s the Amber tone giving a sparkle effect that lifts the entire palette up.

Color Inspiration No.8-Stone Green, Rosy Brown, Lemon Butter, Amber & Black Green via Eclectic Trends

DelPozo | Noam Rapport | Reeta Ek |  SuzieQ26uk

Medium-saturated Stone Green, Antique Brown, Lemon Butter, Amber and Pine make for an unseasonal palette applicable in fashion, upholstering textiles, wallpapers, and food packaging.

The first two tones are dusky and warm inviting to touch whereas Lemon Butter and Amber bring  a hearty glow to the palette. The stormy Pine helps to set a more mature story.

It’s a warm naturalistic palette, ideal to evoke a refined ans sophisticated (low-key) luxury look. Velvety, organza and woolen surfaces work for textiles whereas a satinated finishing will add an extra appeal for paper-alike finishings. G, x


How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Up until now I never knew these could be my favorite colors… but this seems like my personal favorite color inspiration! I’m so in love with these colors, they go so well together! Very sophisticated and complex, but so easy to look at! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! A. XO

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