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Color Inspiration No.25: Teal, Deep Coral, Dijon, Sage, and Melon

Color Inspiration No.25 - Eclectic Trends

We are back with a new Color Inspiration.

With Living Coral being the Pantone Color of the Year 2019, we will see that exact hue, but also many variations of the same from now on. Living Coral was picked among other reasons, because the Color Institute wants to generate awareness of the situation of the coral reefs and mass coral bleaching in past years. Our take is we will actually see variations of orange as in the Color Inspiration No.25 featuring Teal, Deep Coral, Dijon, Sage, and Melon. All of these images were produced before Pantone’s announcement, a sign that the willingness for a brighter or softer orange hue was in the air.

What is interesting about the combination of colors we have picked here is, that we have picked unconsciously the so-called  happiness chord which includes gold, red and green.

Gold is the symbol for the sun, warmth and the day, fortune, money and reputation. Red is the color of happiness because it is associated with love, falling in love, passion and vitality. Green is the color of the natural, of the spring, of the healthy, of the liveliness, of the plant life.

Color Inspiration No.25 - Eclectic Trends

SCEG architects | Juco Photo | Giancarlo Valle x Viso | Juco Photo



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