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Color Symphony for Autumn 2024

Autumn 2024-Color Symphony-Ebook-Eclectic Trends

We are back with another Color Symphony. As the autumn leaves gently fall, we can’t help but be charmed by nature’s stunning show of color show, which brings about cozy feelings, fond memories, and a fresh start. We have also created a downloadable e-book (see below)as an open invitation, a warm gesture to take you on a journey through six unique color moods identifying our Color Symphony for Autumn 2024.

Color Symphony for Autumn 2024-©ECLECTIC TRENDS

Our goal with this E-Book is simple: to offer you visual candy linked to the new season we are embracing. Whether you’re an artist looking for a new color palette, a designer searching for fresh ideas, or just someone who enjoys the quiet beauty of autumn’s colors, we believe you’ll find something to savor in these pages.
Our hope is that, by the end of this E-book, you’ll have a source of inspiration right at your fingertips, and your creations will echo the enchanting colors of autumn.

Artwork by @rafafans.



Autumn 2024-Color Symphony-Ebook-Dijon-©Eclectic Trends




Autumn 2024-Color Symphony-Ebook-Rouge-©Eclectic Trends

Color Symphony for Autumn 2024-MestisMx-©Eclectic Trends-15





Autumn 2024-Color Symphony-Ebook-Ember-©Eclectic Trends

Autumn 2024-Color Symphony-Vince Palacios-©Eclectic Trends-





Autumn 2024-Color Symphony-Ebook-Serenity-©Eclectic Trends

Autumn 2024-Color Symphony-Qeeboo-©Eclectic Trends






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6 colors / Ezine

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Color Symphony for Autumn 2024


If you love color compositions such as this Color Symphony for Autumn 2024 and would like to translate a similar story with nature-inspired fabric swatches, then come over and check our Fauna & Flora Box. 

Nature-Inspired fabrics in one sample box by Eclectic Trends


Hello, dear nature-loving crafter, maker, and designer.

Welcome to our box full of fauna and flora-inspired fabrics, which offers a diverse range of nature-inspired designs, allowing you to explore different themes and moods:

  • Playful jungle prints
  • Delicate flower patterns
  • Lush leaves weaved into velvet,
  • Pixelated interpretation of nature (very cool);
  • Classy and subtle animal print,
  • Mono-colored swatches to support your natural themes,

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Your vivid description of the ‘Color Symphony for Autumn 2024’ is fantastic! It’s like nature’s orchestra playing its most vibrant notes. Your words painted such a vivid picture—I could almost feel the crisp air and hear the rustling leaves.
    Thank you for sharing this great insight!

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