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Come to my next Trend Lecture at the IMM19!

Eclectic Trends | Come to my next Trend Lecture!

Ever wanted to attend a conference where I talk trends? Come to my next Trend Lecture at the IMM19!

It’s the time of the year again where I am giving away 20 tickets for my next Trend Lecture. I am going to talk about 3 Lifestyle & Interior Design Trends 2019/21 at the upcoming IMM Cologne on January, 17 (12-12.45pm). It’s the fourth year in a row I have been invited by the trade show, and I am very happy to be on The Stage again.

Here goes a little sneak peek of the three topics I am going to talk about:

Eclectic Trends | Come to my next Trend Lecture!

Images via Melanie Glöckler | Simon Johns | Federica Biasi


This is a moment of huge opportunity, where end consumers are demanding a trade-off between covering basic or standard needs and lowering impact on nature. Not only ensuring a better environment is important, but also to avoid creating more trash. In order to create a higher awareness, recycled outputs and innovative biodegradable materials have to be no longer dull and humdrum but more desirable, considering beauty and style in green design.



In a world of fast and easy, as a counter movement, people are getting gradually rethinking their approach to contemporary interiors, about how they want to live and how to appreciate classic references. Traditional values are put into a new context since they evoke familiarity, hope and security. We will see in detail how architecture is currently inspiring the materiality universe.



This is a time of need for meaningful orientation and perspective, where the overall well-being as humans becomes the center of attention where rituals offer an effective and essential tool to help finding peace for body and mind. The focus on self-caring with analogical experiences combined with soothing color palettes and tactile surfaces help inner reflection, but, also, they need to energize, inspire and delight in order to grant a holistic experience.

Please leave a comment below if you are interested in attending my lecture, I will give away 15 tickets for that day. Kindly note the entrance ticket is valid only on January, 17, and if you are among the lucky winners but can’t make it, PLEASE let us know so we can refer your ticket to another person.

The draw ends on December, 12 at 8pm (GMT+1).

UPDATE: All winners have been notified via email. Thanks for your interest, I’ll see you soon. G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

26 Responses

  1. I would love to come and hear you talk about the trends! I’m a big fan of your Instagramaccount and newsletter. It’s so inspirational!

  2. Hi Gudy,

    I’d love to meet you in Cologne. Your trend reports are so inspirational!
    I consider them the best there is at the moment.


  3. I would love to assist to your trend report ans see the fair. It looks amazing and super inspiring !
    And it would be great to finally meet you !
    Cheers !

  4. Hi Gudy,
    All your 3 topics are so interesting for me, quite before we launch our authentic, sustainable and eco-friendly rug and cushion collection, I won’t miss your trend lecture at IMM!

  5. Hi Gudy,

    I am really curious about your research, especially about the sustainability topic because it has many connections to my own work. I would be happy to meet you in person at the IMM.

    Best regards.

    Philipp Hainke

    1. Hi Aneta, I am sorry but we will not streaming the lecture, the content however will be available via trend reports throughout 2019.

  6. This would be just perfect for me to listen. Our very old house just finishes restorationprocess but all the furnishing lies ahead for 2019. Tried to manage keeping the old materials in,but often too much was already broken etc. So information is needed urgently! Visit @hausimsueden and you see the process.

  7. Dear Gudy,
    I would love to be there and listening! I’m a big fan of your work and as I had a hard time (personally & jobwise) of re-orientation, searching for new perpectives and detecting and shaking off a lot of rigid, restricting stuff it would be very inspiring for me. Hope to see you there, take care!

  8. Dear Gudy! I´d love to come and listen to your trend report at the IMM! Being your newsletter reader since some months, I am always very excited about your news and I enjoy hearing from you – as a fashion and interior designer I love to see your ideas and proposals concerning colours and combinations – I am actually just now starting my own business (writing concepts and business plans).
    I am located in a city nearby cologne, so its easy for me to get there.
    Best regards from Geermany – see you in Cologne ;-)

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