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Conscious Processes: Unveiling the Sorbet Series

Anastasia Benko Eclectic Trends Studio

Conscious processes offer a transformative experience for both makers and consumers, allowing them to become part of something greater together. These processes invite us to shift our perspective on production and consumption, embracing mindfulness and prioritising quality over quantity.

In today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven society, we have grown accustomed to instant gratification and disposable products. However, by embracing slow processes, both makers and consumers have the opportunity to appreciate the art of creating and acquiring something truly unique and extraordinary.

In this blog post, we will explore how conscious processes transcend the mere act of physical creation. They are rooted in the profound connection between the artist and the physical world, resulting in artwork that tells captivating stories, evokes profound emotions, and nurtures a heightened sense of appreciation for the world of craftsmanship.

Through conscious processes, artists like Anastasia Benko, delve deep into their creative realms, seeking to evoke emotions and provoke thought through their artistic expressions. Their work becomes a conduit for meaningful experiences, inviting the viewer to embark on a journey of self-reflection and connection.

Anastasia Benko Eclectic Trends Studio

Anastasia has been a constant source of inspiration as we’ve witnessed her flourish and embrace the best version of herself in recent years. Her artistic endeavours encompass a diverse range of expressions, including fine-art photography, drawings, and abstract paintings.

As a visual artist, Anastasia has charted a hopeful and transformative path for herself. She fearlessly pushes boundaries, constantly evolving her artistic language to conquer the challenges she faces daily. With an unwavering optimism, she explores themes like impermanence, delving beneath the surface of beauty to unearth deeper narratives. Her art becomes a reflection of her relentless pursuit of shared togetherness and an unyielding quest for joy.

Anastasia Benko Eclectic Trends Studio

Anastasia Benko Eclectic Trends Studio

Anastasia’s talent and dedication have allowed her to collaborate with esteemed institutions such as The Hermitage and The Amber Room in St. Petersburg. In addition to solo exhibitions, she has also forged partnerships with iconic brands like Porsche, Architectural Digest Germany, and Louis Poulsen, further amplifying her artistic impact.

Discovering the Sorbet Series by Anastasia Benko

In 2018, amidst a whirlwind of travel and intense work, the Sorbet series came to life. It was a phase when everything seemed within reach, yet a personal sense of lightness for the artist slipped away. The weight of seriousness and urgency overshadowed the joy of creation, leaving a void in the artist’s eye.

Having embarked on an unconventional path early in life to nurture her imagination, it was disheartening to feel its absence amidst the monotony of daily life. Paradoxically, the journey back to that twinkle in her eye began with a mechanical retrieval of creative tools: vibrant colours and the technique of wet-on-wet painting, promising random and surprising outcomes.

Anastasia Benko Eclectic Trends Orange gallery

Seeking liberation from the merry-go-round of perfectionism, the artist embraced chaos, surrendering control to once again experience the unplanned power of colour.

Working with rough, unprocessed canvases, layers of water, chalk, and paint were applied multiple times, allowing the colours to find their own path on the porous surface. After several applications and a patient drying phase between layers, the final image emerged—a boundless infusion of happiness.

Imperfections were intentionally preserved, as the canvas, moistened repeatedly, caused subtle warping of the wood, deliberately provoking a gentle disturbance to remind viewers of the importance of embracing lightness, humour, and the embrace of chaos.

Anastasia Benko Eclectic Trends Studio

Anastasia Benko Eclectic Trends Orange

The series earned its name due to the initial works evoking the transparency and vibrancy of sorbet ice cream. Despite the intensity of newer pieces, the name has endured, with paintings titled Sorbet Lime (green), Sorbet Lemon (yellow), and Sorbet Bellini (shades of pink, reddish, and orange).

Anastasia Benko Eclectic Trends yellow

Painted on specially prepared canvases, the Sorbet series faces limitations in larger formats due to the unique canvas requirement. Acrylic paints and pigments are meticulously mixed with water and applied layer by layer to create each artwork.

As each sorbet painting must dry lying down, the artist can work on only three to twelve pieces per series, depending on the format. Due to their distinct drying rates, not all paintings from a series can be framed and displayed simultaneously, enhancing the individuality of each creation.


Anastasia Benko Eclectic Trends Studio

The Sorbet series embodies a celebration of colour, spontaneity, and the embrace of imperfections—a testament to the artist’s unwavering commitment to capturing the essence of lightness and joy in every stroke.


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Images: Anastasia Benko

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