Contributing to Heart Home Magazine with a selection of my favorite Barcelona cafés

I am very happy to contribute to this month digital issue of Heart Home Magazine. Always a pleasure to be in contact with Arianna and Carole.

Instead of doing the typical Barcelona travel article,  I thought it could be nice to include some of my favorite places, and show you where I work and have breakfast many days. It’s the best thing to get me started. We freelancers spend quite some time in cafés, there should be an app just for us:-)

Heart Home Magazine

So, have a look at this fabulous month issue, it’s packed as usual with lots of interior inspirations and let me hear where you are having your coffee. They publish now on a monthly base which is great news and you can download their Ipad Spring version now too.

How about some extra inspiration?

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8 Responses

  1. Oh you’ve contributed to it? Fabulous, I was about to download it the other day and realized that G is in Sydney at the moment with the iPad so I have to wait until his return. Can’t wait to read your article and the mag. Have a great weekend Gudy. xx

    1. Mel, you can see this March issue at their site if you already want to have a peak.The Spring issue is on the AppStore though.Happy Weekend! xx

  2. Hello Gudy,
    I just received the copy of Heart Mag and I was passing the pages by and I just noticed your article. A great article to close the Magazine. As always you are inspiring.
    Hope to read you more frequently on other mags.

  3. Nice choice of bars, I should definitely go and give it a try. I already know the Jaime Beriestain because I work just around the corner on Pau Claris. It’s a really wonderful place although maybe a bit pricey. Congrats to the article :)

  4. I am just so desperate to get back to Barcelona Gudy-and even more so now after your article!!! Some of us mums want to go without the kids-if not this year, then definitely next when we all have a joint 50th celebration! Happy weekend lovely xx

  5. Oh wow, congratulations. You must be thrilled. I’m not a huge fan of Barcelona, maybe because I didn’t have you as my tour guide before :-) Heading of to the HH magazine now to check your insider tips. xxx

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