Cornucopia: a tactile, fun, and striking vase collection

After many months of virtual collection overload, it is wonderful to see new design objects; or more specifically, a tactile, fun, and striking vase collection that is actually photographed on a real set such as at La Glace, the oldest patisserie in Copenhagen.

Two Danish design studios have teamed up to offer their skills in one pr¡oject. Design duo Röd Studio specializes in hand-tufted carpets; textile designers Anne Louise Rasmussen and Maja Marie Halling, who met at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, worked together during the last year of their master’s degree. They opened later a workspace in Copenhagen to be able to continue creating with no boundaries. Playful, artsy, and experimental best describes their work.

Well-known for unexpected flower art and arrangments, Tableau, has enriched the Danish design horizon two years ago. They span fields from art, design to set design and flowers.

The two studios have contributed what they each know best in a colorful and precise choice of materials, patterns, and mise-en-scene. Each vase of the Cornucopia collection was named after a pie, cupcake, or marron and is available in March 2021.

Cornucopia- A tactile, fun and striking vase collection

Cornucopia- A tactile, fun and striking vase collection

Cornucopia- A tactile, fun and striking vase collection

Tactile, fun and striking vase collection

Ph: Michael Rygaard

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