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I hardly ever post a review on any corporate mood board workshop so this is a rare occasion to share a few impressions on the one I did with Barbara Aurell’s interior design studio Espacio en Blanco. This one-day class took place in such a relaxed environment, we even managed to film a little video you can watch below. Every single workshop is different and always adapts to company needs. However, the two characteristics they have all in common are the way the mood board is used as a tool to

a) gain clarity in a moment where creatives are overstimulated with so much visual information available

b) present a concept or idea to other departments or providers and make sure everybody understands the same message

A mood board can replace a complex briefing during conferences and work sessions. Corporate environments deal far too much with daily pdf’s and briefs, so this kind of visual representation is a welcoming alternative.

Bárbara Aurell’s philosophy is translated into a kind of mantra that always starts with asking her client: Imagine a blank space, so, how do you want to live? It could be a house, workplace or holiday hideaway. Now, start building up in your mind how would that space would be like. This imagination exercise is the starting point that will allow the studio to create, adapt or refurbish a client’s space, connecting with their personal aspirations.

It was only natural to include a mood board as a presentation tool for clients covering emotional and rational keywords translated into different elements you can see below. Please see five projects the team of interior designers and architects have been creating and can always be crafted during a Corporate Mood Board Workshop.


1. 3D print fashion retail outlet


1.1. Brief

This is a technological, innovative feminine space that seeks to impact and surprise the consumer. At the same time, it is conceived as a gathering point for creatives who work with the 3D print technology. The idea is to offer a welcoming place that invites to stay and responds to the need of creatives to gain more visibility. Also, the objective is to make 3D print technology more accessible to the general public.

1.2. Keywords

Technology – 3D Innovation – Female – Delicate – Surprising – Warm – Daring – Creating Impact

Corporate Mood Board Workshop via Eclectic Trends


Carmen Uría


2. Renovation of an urban hotel in San Sebastián (Spain)


2.1. Brief

To adapt an emblematic building in the city keeping its essence and adapting to current times, aimed at the target of tourists and locals. This urban hotel and its renovation is thought as a meeting point with a ‘Home away from home‘ atmosphere and a touch of glam.

2.2. Keywords to be translated:

Oasis – Wellbeing  – Contrasts  – Home Away From Home – Art – Warmth – Respect & Innovation – Urban – Touch Of Glam

B2B Mood Board Workshop via Eclectic Trends

Corporate Mood Board Workshop via Eclectic Trends

Bárbara Aurell


3. City apartment


3.1. Brief

To devise an urban apartment for a woman who is 35 years old, runs a successful fashion design company and regularly travels. She enjoys a rich social life and spends many hours working abroad. The need for recharging batteries within her refuge, invites to think about a calm color palette, warm materials without discarding a few sophisticated elements according to current trends.

3.2. Keywords to be translated

Urban – Balance & Reconnection – Natural – Sophistication – Well Traveled – Cosmopolitan – Refuge

Corporate Mood Board Workshop via Eclectic Trends

Corporate Mood Board Workshop via Eclectic Trends

Laire Zabala


4. Modern Asian cuisine respecting heritage


4.1. Brief

The objective is to build a quiet atmosphere respecting a waste sense of East Asian origin and heritage, and at the same time, provide the restaurant (which combines fusion food from different parts of Asia) with a few innovative and forefront finishings. The color palette is a key element covering the five elements of water (black), fire (red), wood (green), metal (white) and earth (yellow). Another core element to take into consideration was the idea of giving the neighborhood a new differential space to soak up culture, excellent food and spend memorable evenings.

4.2. Keywords

Tradition – Oriental Heritage – Modern – Urban Environment – Contrast – Calm and Elegant – Privacy – Noble Materials – Theory Of Five Elements

Corporate Mood Board Workshop via Eclectic Trends

Corporate Mood Board Workshop via Eclectic Trends

Sandra López


5. Countryside family home


5.1. Brief

Second residence for a family that enjoys leaving the city during the weekend without wanting to compromise on a modern environment. It’s designed to be a place of disconnection, full of light and transparency, suitable for a family that enjoys spending time together and welcomes friends and family. The main goal was to allow a close connection to the  natural environment, barriers and limits between interior and exterior are blurred through transparent and see-through materials. The home should provide comfort without renouncing to a style that breathes a sense of modernity.

5.2. Keywords

Nature – Earthy Vibes – Brightness –  Simplicity – Flexibility – Piece of Mind – Quality Time – Coziness – Avant-Garde Design

Corporate Mood Board Workshop via Eclectic Trends

B2B Mood Board Workshop via Eclectic Trends

Paz Ojeda


Thanks to the team of Espacio en Blanco for their commitment, passion and ‘buen rollo’!

P.S. A Corporate Mood Board Workshop has a slightly different program and can always be adapted to companies’ needs.


If you are interested in an individual spot in one of our masterclasses, please visit our 2019 courses. Subscriptions are open now.

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