How To Create A Mood Board

As A Design & Communication Tool


Corporate Workshops For Creative Teams 

In ever-connected day-to-day, creative teams often feel overstimulated with an unprecedented amount of visual information available. 

It’s a never-ending cycle: A project is complete, and there are already a few others waiting in the pipeline. Finishing projects on time isn’t just a goal — it’s a client expectation.

As a consequence, the sensation of a brain jam-packed with half-formed concepts is a reality today.

'This has been the best workshop for creatives I have attended in 10 years!'

Verónica González, VM Manager, IKEA

The one-day masterclass is suitable for brand communication, product development, and business strategy for creative pros and corporate teams.

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Super useful. 


IKEA Málaga

The workshop focuses on clarity, vision, and stronger communication skills.

In a three-step program, all participants learn how to break down ideas through a thorough analysis based on a brief, translate these into a 3D setup and communicate the result with a short and crisp presentation.

This program is for you if your corporate team

  1. wants to stand out from the sea of samey bringing creative proposals to the next level
  2. is overloaded with too many briefs finding it challenging to filter the most relevant information
  3. needs to communicate innovative concepts to sales departments and get an approval
  4. thinks that tactile presentations are much more powerful than digital proposals
  5. looks for a way to strengthen communicative skills
  6. believes in the power of team buildings

any creative team working within a corporate environment and not larger than 10 participants per session.

The program of the day can be personalized according to company needs and will be discussed prior.

The one-day masterclass is designed for

Gudy's energetic style and enthusiastic trainer personality, along with her diligent execution of workshops and detailed follow-up to each implementation, contributed significantly to the improvement of global VM standards of the brand.

Sebastian Huber, Head of VM, Montblanc

STEP 1: The Analysis


  1. how to use a mind-map to kick-start a concept
  2. how to find the right keywords for your project
  3. how to balance out emotional and rational messages 

STEP 2: The Moodboarding Session


  1. four design principles that guarantee a balanced composition
  2. first principles of the power of visual language
  3. how to unclutter and filter elements
  4. what works on a mood board and what not
  5. hands-on mood boarding with individual guidance

STEP 3: How to present your project


  1. how to improve storytelling skills when briefing teams
  2. how to present solutions, not features
  3. how to close a presentation
  4. how to give feedback, so fellow colleagues get valuable insights

"At the end of the day, the team has learned a technique that helps to join forces and speak the same language within a company structure." - Gudy Herder

What is included?

  • a workbook is sent upon registration  to prepare the day
  • a few additional materials to work on the mood board (all participants source the relevant materials for their project in advance)
  • a finished project to be presented to clients
  • a full set of worksheets during the workshop

One-Day Masterclass

Schedule: 10am-6pm

Where: In-house

Participants: max. 10

Workshop programs are adapted according to company objectives and needs. Please get in touch to commission you personalised program and check on available dates.

Workshops can be held in Spanish, English and German.


Gudy Herder is an international trend consultant, speaker, and certified trainer based in Barcelona, Spain.

She helps brands and businesses anticipate trends and guides through a process to develop new product lines that inspire, tell a story, and ultimately, sell.

Gudy offers creative sessions on several international markets, more than 1.000 students have enrolled in her mood board program so far, and she has been training more than 45 nationalities to date.


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