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COS launches RESELL To Buy Or Presell Pre-Owned Pieces

COS launches resell platform - Eclectic Trends

COS launches resell – a platform or resale business to buy and sell pre-owned styles in an effort to give their clothes a longer life. Sustainability is also about maintaining pieces in a longer lifecycle, but this move responds. also to the fact that overproduction is a huge issue and it gives the brand control over the secondhand market. To start with, a resell platform can only work in the long run if the clothes are durable and timeless. If reselling becomes mainstream, designers and purchase teams need to rethink about the item’s quality with longevity in mind before putting it into a collection.

Getting on the new platform is as easy as if you are selling on eBay or similar sites. You register an account, upload your photos, description, and price. 10% of your selling price will be deducted by resell. Once your item is sold, you have three days to send it. The payment will be transferred once the buyer got the item. If you are interested in selling or buying and have any doubts, the faq page comes detailed and covers questions about how to know if it’s an authentic COS item, return policy, and other logistic doubts.

It’s in our interest to sell everything we pro­duce. That said, the way we design, produce, and enjoy fashion simply must change. As a global fashion retailer, H&M Group has a big role to play and this is the reason why we are transforming our whole business to become fully circular and climate positive.”
H&M Group Communications



COS launches resell platform - Eclectic Trends


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