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How to dress up your plants

This month The Urban Jungle Bloggers invite to focus on a very important element when it comes to houseplants: the plant pots. Igor and Judith want to share within their series how you can visually highlight your plant, fit into your interior design, style up spaces and make a real statement.

Urban Jungle Blogger Eclectic Trends

Urban Jungle Blogger Eclectic Trends

Urban Jungle Blogger Eclectic Trends 1

So, this is my take of my little garden. Plants are changing here when they grow or I find a new container. I am combining different plant containers in clay and glass with ceramic objects from recent raku and pit firings and some found on flea market in Shanghai. The little painted bowl I use for plant scions is just perfect.

Urban Jungle Blogger Eclectic Trends Lizzy

And then there is Lizzy. I found her at Anthropologie a couple of years ago in London. This little green fish is one of my favorite accessories home.

Let’s spread today a bit of green love and follow all other blogger ideas here. What kind of pots or containers do you use for your plants?

How about some extra inspiration?

9 Responses

  1. So nice to meet you Lizzy :D I expected there would be a White Atelier BCN plant pot in there too, but this collection of flea market finds and handmade ceramics is just great, Gudy! Thanks for being part of our green family! xx

    1. Very nice, Judith. Actually I sold mine, that’s why they are not on the picture…but new pieces are in the making. Thanks for pointing out, you are so right!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! x

  2. As you might already know I am in love with your eclectic collection! I love that you’ve added your own pottery in the setting and the fish planter is so lovely and such a visual highlight! Thank you for joining us, Gudy!

  3. MMmmmmm! Ese rincón es espectacular! Y tan lleno de luz más! La lámpara me parece una flipada! (voy detras de una de ellas…jejeje)
    Fan total de tu estilo, tu casa y tus plantas verdes!

    A mi me cuesta encontrar contenedores, macetas que me inspiren. Acabo recurriendo a las clásicas de terriza gastadas por la intemperie. Pero siempre estoy con los ojos bien abiertos, por si acaso…

    Felices dias verdes!


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