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Crystallization – A textile project by Valentina Desideri

Crystallization - A textile project by Valentina Desideri-Eclectic Trends

It has been a while since we have traveled down the Textiles road. We have been concentrating on colors a lot lately from color trends, inspiration boards to onsite workshops in Barcelona (already planning on the next Color Alquimia Workshop, you can receive information right here),  and of course it is because it’s just the prefect season for showing and exploring the colors for the next year.

After all the many strong colorful manifestations, we thought, we would take you on a more soft and haptic kind of trip, with a lot of inspiration for your attire or simply just to spoil your senses.

Crystallization - A textile project by Valentina Desideri-Eclectic Trends

This time we would love to share a project we found on Artsthread  – a network where creative students and companies are brought together. Students can present their projects, and it is totally comprehensible why different industries are frequent visitors to this site. Of course the experience and expertise of a specialist, who has been working in a company for years is irreplacable, but the innovative energy of young creatives is invaluable!

Crystallization - A textile project by Valentina Desideri-Eclectic Trends



The project by Valentina Desideri called Crystallization is a collection that was inspired by the observation of Thermodynamics. Desideri says: ‚I was particularly fascinated by the stage of crystallization, where solid crystals form from a solution or gas under certain environmental circumstances.‘

We already have shown another project that was was displaying remarkable designs with crystallization under certain environmental circumstances. This one is quite versatile in it’s structures and textures.


The fascinating molecular structure of ice and the microscopic process of freezing translated into geometric shapes built up in different weights of fabrics and into meticulously considered textures, handmade to represent the imperfections of an object caught in the process of freezing.

The effect of frost attaching onto fibres was expressed through beading, and the richness of texture achieved through a combination of wet felting and needle felting. The effects of extreme weather conditions on the human body and the research into polar explorers’ attire, particularly designed to protect certain areas of the body against the cold, influenced silhouettes and detailing.

If you are as fascinated, as we are, please hop over to our Pinterest TEXTILES board for more inspiration.

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