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Current inspiration

Eclectic Trends: my current inspiration

Schiaparelli | Luis Puerta | Jody Rodac | Ursula Abresch

I am heading to London today to impart our ‘Define Your Signature Style‘ with my partner in crime Emily Quinton. It will be a full weekend of working on everybody’s visual signature through photography classes and moodboarding exercises bringing our students to the next step in defining their very own visual signature style. I am really looking forward to that experience! Meanwhile I leave you with my current inspiration with earthy and golden tones and wish you a very happy weekend! G, xx

Eclectic Trends: my current mood

Beth Kirby | Koto Bolofo | Helt Enkelt | 12 images

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. Go on Gudy!

    I wish you luck with it, I’m sure your students will be more than happy with what you have to show them!

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