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Das Haus by Louise Campbell – imm Cologne 14

Das Haus by Louise Campbell imm Cologne 2014 via Eclectic Trends

So I am back from the IMM show in Cologne. It is the second time I visit this furniture show and I believe it covers seriously good design from North Europe and the Mediterranean countries.

Each year the imm nominates a new designer for the architectural elements and furnishing of indoor and outdoor space of ‘Das Haus’.

This year’s “Das Haus”, a simulation of a real home, has been designed by Danish designer Louise Campbell. She blends masculine logic and feminine philosophy in one open large space with no boundaries.

Das Haus imm Cologne Louise Campbell via Eclectic Trends

Das Haus imm Cologne Louise Campbell via Eclectic Trends

Das Haus imm Cologne Louise Campbell via Eclectic Trends

Das Haus imm Cologne Louise Campbell via Eclectic Trends

Das Haus imm Cologne Louise Campbell via Eclectic Trends

Das Haus imm Cologne Louise Campbell via Eclectic Trends


Entitled 0-100, ‘Das Haus’ features a large row of soft beds with dreamy lamp shades, for a 24/7 use, providing space for many visitors, guests and family. The gathering area is provided through main tables which act as the centre of gravity in the house.

Noticeably large and carefully selected, is the tool area, not merely a kitchen, but a place for making anything needed in order to maintain a comfortable life in the home. From baking bread, mending a piece of clothing to fixing a shoe or table leg,  combining feminine and more masculine tasks (in case there is such a role play still). Hers and his. Slow or fast. And soft or hard.

The house is not about style, but about a purpose being timeless. There are no walls but soft textiles, which can be rolled up as desired and needed. The color palette ranges from white to beige, pink, red and grey to natural wood and some greenery.


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5 Responses

  1. Very much like how you catched the spirit of “Das Haus” with your images! I liked the overall sensual feeling Louise Campbell created with all the different material, shapes and color, but my favourite was the tool wall… looking forward to your trend reports…

  2. I cannot count the times I have visited the IMM, Salone di Mobile, Maison & Objet, Tendenz, Ambiente and some in Birmingham.

    Thank God, now I just choose the ones I want to see. I’m often disappointed with the status quo you find most companies stay in….

    This here is hugely inspirational. I love the rawness, the non-interior bit and my absolute favourite must be Tool Wall. Just fab! Thank you for sharing.

    1. I hear you. I will reduce my visit to interior shows too, theres is not too much new going on now but I totally agree with you that projects such as The Haus at the end made it worth visiting!xx

  3. I really love the tool wall also Gudy. I think it’s nice you go to the shows and then share your findings, because not everyone gets to go. So thank you. xD

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