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From the mood board to the finished project – Das Haus by Lucie Koldova

Das Haus by Lucie Koldova imm 18 via Eclectic Trends

Set to be a highlight of holistic interior design, Lucie Koldova had been selected as the designer of imm Cologne 2018’s ‘Das Haus’. This is always quite an honor and running for the seventh year, one of the highlights of the show.

Das Haus imm 2018 by Lucie Koldova via Eclectic Trends

"Light Levels – Ebenen des Lichts“ is what Lucie Koldova calls her design for "Das Haus – Interiors on Stage". And as the name says, everything here in 2018 will revolve around light and its importance for living.

Bohemian glass, also known as Bohemia crystal, enjoys an unparalleled reputation around the world. In her designs, Lucie Koldova demonstrates how this tradition can be interpreted in a modern style and at the highest standard. She wanted to tell the story of an ideal house, and not with words, but instead with light in the most varied forms.

In my ‘haus’, light will play the main role, and the furniture will complete the rooms – and not the other way around!
Lucie Koldova



I called my design ‘light levels’ to make clear that light influences the mood of a room in very different ways, and can thus also assume entirely different functions in the living space. Of course light plays the main role in my design – that was also the basic idea with when Koelnmesse approached me’, explains the czech designer to Designboom. ‘I wanted to equip ‘das haus’ with pieces I love, with furniture that makes the lighting concept complete, makes it a whole. I find that incredibly interesting!

As a result, every room in Koldova’s “Haus” aims to represent a certain feeling in an area of around 180 m² and perform a practical role in everyday life in order to satisfy individual needs. Then, at its heart, a living room represents shared experiences with honeycomb-like lighting cells, which will be joined to one another to encompass a central living room at its heart. The spaces contrast with angular and round shapes, bright and shadowy atmospheres, and cool and soft finishes.

Here we share the process of moodboarding shapes and ideas such as relax, bath, work, towards sketches with concrete dimensions and color. The end result is seen below.


Das Haus imm18 by Lucie Koldova via Eclectic Trends

Das Haus imm18 by Lucie Koldova via Eclectic Trends

Das Haus imm18 by Lucie Koldova via Eclectic Trends

The rooms, each with its own distinctive lighting concept, address five functions—relaxation or sleep, meditation, bathing, inspiration (a small office space), and dressing—and are clustered around a central living area. The color scheme spins around red, white and black. Rounded upholstered seating, placed in a campfire-like ring, soften the color palette.

While Koldova’s home will be strictly minimal, it won’t be monochromatic. “I don’t want one of those futuristic, super cool and hard homes, where everything is clean and white,” she emphasizes. “It will be what I consider reasonable, smart, and good-looking and what makes sense for what I consider a home feeling, or a feeling of well-being.”






Noticeably absent is a kitchen. She admits not to be a good cook, and since she needed to make a choice on the space, it just wasn’t a priority. And you won’t find a TV either. “Everyone is connected and of course you can’t live without a mobile phone, but why emphasize it here?”


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