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Day 1: 3 Highlights Milan Design Week 2018

Milan Design Week-Day 1-Eclectic Trends

Hello from a very promising Milan design Week 2018. I have not seen much yet but have a feeling this edition might be really interesting sharing a few critical thoughts on waste issues and also see new technology collaborations we can call very innovative.

We will do a round-up on the blog and (surprise!) talk Milan trends in our current Spring/Summer 2019 Trend Ebook to be included as a bonus. If you have purchased a report so far, you will get soon a note on the trend report for you to download.

Now, let’s see what 5Vie had in store.


This is probably one of the most beautiful light installations I have seen to date. The Italian light designers Giopato&Coombes presents Supernatural Dream, an experiment carried out by the two designers, focusing on the theme of light and emotions produced by it. The result which moves between precious materials and high technology, nature and magic featuring bees and flowers, is a limited series of four unique installations. (These are iPhone images, I will replace them as soon as I get the high res images.)

Milan Design Week-Day 1-Eclectic Trends

Milan Design Week-Day 1-Eclectic Trends

Milan Design Week-Day 1-Eclectic Trends

2// ARCADIA – An installation by Sara Riciardi

Arcadia represents a mythical land, outside the realm of civilization. For Sara Riciardi visiting the castle of Hollenegg was like finding herself in Arcadia.
She has captured details of Schluss Hollenegg and created a playful installation in which the visitors will be able to interact with large a large sphere, symbolic of a compelling legacy. (You can see in my IG stories how the giant sphere is moving and the proportions next to me:)

Milan Design Week-Day 1-Eclectic Trends

Milan Design Week-Day 1-Eclectic Trends

3// BLOOM CABINET by Adam Goodrum and Arthur Seigneur

Design and craft coalescence in this stunning Bloom Cabinet by Australian industrial designer Adam Goodrum and French marquetry artisan Arthur Seigneur who took part in the Australian Designer show Local Design.

Inspired by the lush form of a lotus in full flower, Bloom harnesses the exuberance of v¡centuries-old straw inlay technique in the service of a resolutely contemporary pathetic.

Handcrafted in Australia, the semi-circular doors are composed of 4,320 sections of premium-grade rye straw imported from speciality growers in Burgundy, France.

You can see a video uploaded on stories on how the doors open (it will disappear tonight).

Milan Design Week-Day 1-Eclectic Trends

Milan Design Week-Day 1-Eclectic Trends


Today we are visiting more exhibitions of the Off Salone area diving into the new Ventura areas and will keep you posted.


How about some extra inspiration?

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