Decompressing Emotions with Qing Deng’s Aspirator

Posted By Gudy Herder / April 17, 2020 / 0 Comments

Qing Deng took part in the Pure Talent Contest 2020 at the imm Cologne program where young rising product designers would exhibit each year their final works. Aspirator fills a puff with air, allowing to sit down when shouting into a sort of vacuum cleaner. The artist states that people who suppress emotions are prone to mental illness. This venting machine is a psychological hoover that helps vent negative emotions. When people are unhappy, shouting, or saying anything that might relieve their situation, the Aspirator will make the airbag inflate and you have gotten rid of your thoughts or emotion.

In the end, people can create a seat made from their own negative emotions and relax in it to find solutions and see them physically go away. But you can always stand in front of it and clapping or cheer the thing up and the reaction is the same:)

Watch the fun video here.

Aspirator by Qing Deng


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