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Italian Design: Dimore Studio Milan

DimoreGallery is not merely a gallery: it is a home, a voyage, an experience, a dialogue between past and present. That is what the fantastic designer duo Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran state on their site. All the objects within the space have either been selected or created by the designers.

Dimore Gallery Milan

Dimore Gallery Milan 2

Dimore Gallery Milan 3

Dimore Gallery Milan 5

Together with Studiopepe they are my favorite Italian designers right now. Their signature is so different to anything else. Dimore in Italian means ‘dwellings’ referring to old, classical-style Italian houses wanting to express that their work is rooted in a certain tradition. And nobody knows how to work ‘moody’ as they do.

Dimore Studio

Dimore Studio

When they started in 2003 they occupied a single room and had one assistant. Today they employ a stuff of 20 in a 2.100-square-foot space. On the second floor of the 18th century Milanese Palazzo, just opposite where Emiliano and Britt are already working; this new apartment was conceived as a new vision of a way of living rather than being merely an extension of their main branch. I  admire their color code, somehow moody and utterly elegant always.

Cortilo Photography

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