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Discarded materials repurposed by Dirk van der Kooij

Discarded plastic repurposed into furniture by Dirk van de Kooij

We have seen throughout recent years several works of discarded materials repurposed, yet one of the same that comes to your mind when thinking about a solid brand, joy, and an immediate desire to acquire a piece is Dirk van der Kooij.

In 2009, he founded this studio in the basement of the Design Academy, Eindhoven with a guiding question that was seemingly simple: could plastic be an honest, durable material? Six pizza ovens welded together proved that yes, it could.


Of each object, we ask: Is this a permanent, worthy application of the resources used?

Dirk van der Kooij


A family of house-developed presses, robots, and extruders have directly shaped the identity of today’s collection. The limitations of these imperfect machines have gifted a visual language that envelops the function, tactility, and beloved oddness of the Kooij collection.

Lights, chairs, tables, and objects have grown into a joyful collection you can find in a few of the most renowned contemporary museums of the world such as the MoMA New York, MoMA San Francisco, Vitra Design Museum, Design Museum London, and the National Museum in Oslo.

What are Discarded Materials ? Bulky Items, Source Separated Recyclable Materials, Source Separated Organic Waste, Food Waste, Gray Container Waste, and C&D Waste (construction and demolition) that have been discarded by a Generator or Customer fall into the definition.


Discarded plastic repurposed into furniture by Dirk van de Kooij

Discarded plastic repurposed into furniture by Dirk van de Kooij


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