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DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths

DIY-Eucalyptus wreath

Hi dear Eclectic Trends readers, it’s me Mette again – I’ve really been looking forward to join you again! Oh, don’t you just love this time of the year? I’m very fond of the idea of more often gatherings with friend and family and just being together – oh, and the atmosphere? It says: “please sit down and stay awhile”.

Today I’m going to show you how you can create these gorgeous Christmassy rings with the oh-so popular ceramic look – and my green friend today is the gorgeous eucalyptus.

DIY-Eucalyptus wreath

If you’re not in need of napkin rings, hang them on a bunch of branches, on your Christmas tree or use them as the perfect hostess gift.

So, shall we get started?


Eucalyptus branches



Container for mixing

Painting Stick

DIY-Eucalyptus wreath

Step 1

Bend the branch backward and create a ring by wrapping 1 – 2 inches of the end of the branch to the middle of the branch.

Fix the ends with wire.

DIY-Eucalyptus wreath

Step 2

Now it should look like this.

Prepare the Cera-Mix according to the label directions.

DIY-Eucalyptus wreath

Step 3

Dip each wreath in the mix.

DIY-Eucalyptus wreath

Step 4

Hang the wreaths to dry – with Cera-Mix it takes about 15 minutes, it’s super quick.

DIY-Eucalyptus wreath

And that’s it, set your table!

DIY-Eucalyptus wreath

You can choose to go with the all white look, spray paint them or maybe you’re in the mood for adding glitter – I really love the simple look and by choosing to use them as they are, they will fit almost any table setting.

Even though the wreaths looks very fragile, they are actually pretty study, but they won’t survive when dropped on the floor.

DIY-Eucalyptus wreath

Of course you can do the same trick with concrete, sounds good huh? However, look at these they really imitate the look of real ceramic work and you can make them in only 20 minutes!

As you know each Wednesday Gudy’s running this fantastic IG serie #itsamoodywednesday and this my dramatic entry, I hope you’re going to join us the following Wednesday!

DIY-Eucalyptus wreath

So let me hear you how will you add some personality and sophistication to your upcoming Christmas table? Maybe with fresh eucalyptus?

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this little project. I’ll be using these faux ceramic pretties as seriously charming and seriously simple gifts, hangings on the wall and in my window.

See you next time!


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4 Responses

  1. Hi Anja.
    Thank you very much! So glad you like the outcome. Yes I love when the simplicity goes hand in hand with a natural look – just like your designs:-) Thanks for your kind comment and enjoy your day!

  2. Oh Mette this is by far my favourite DIY, it looks very doable! So pretty and I’m sure your friends and family will be so happy to receive one! Mel x

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