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DIY Leather Travel Tags with Transfer

DIY leather tag

Hi dearest eclectic trends readers! It’s Mette from Monsterscircus and I’m always looking so much forward to spend some time with you. Today we’ll make something vacation related, sounds great, huh?
It’s travel time and whether you’re taking off on a business trip, family vacation or a romantic getaway, you can keep your luggage safer with these customized leather tags.

Acetone (work next to an open window or go outside)
A pair of scissors
Revolving Leather Hole Punch
A piece of paper (the smoother the paper the better your transfer will be)
A computer
Laser printer or get a copy printed in your local copy shop
A cotton cloth

DIY-leather-tags-with-transfer-step1 to 4
Step 1

Create your desired design and print it. Remember to mirror your design!

Step 2

Cut two similar pieces of leather.

Step 3

Apply glue on the backside of bother pieces and press them together.

Step 4

Cut off two of the corners.

DIY-leather-tags-with-transfer-step5 to 8

Step 5

Punch a hole at the end of the tag.

Step 6

Prepare the printed design for transfer, cut off excess paper but not too much.

Step 7

Face the design onto the leather.

Step 8

Apply a bit of acetone on the cotton cloth.

DIY-leather-tags-with-transfer-step 9 to 12

Step 9.

Firmly press down your left hand on both the paper and the leather, and now you’re going to slide the cotton cloth from right to left.

Step 10

Repeat sliding the cloth until the paper becomes translucent and you can see your design.

Step 11

Remove the paper and see the lovely result.

Step 12

Cut a leather string.

DIY leather tag

Step 13

Tie the string to the tag.

Voilá! Ready, set, go!

DIY leather tag

On the backside of the tag, you could make a transfer with your name and address, but remember to use a print friendly font that’s easy to read and transfer.

DIY leather tag

So, how do you think it looks? Customized travel essentials, ooh darling, don’t you just need this for your next take off?

DIY leather tag

If you’re not going anywhere, don’t fear, you’ll still have an excuse to try this one out.

Make stylish key hangers or try the transfer technique on your leather planner. But be sure to try this one out a couple of times before using the transfer technique on your darling leather goods.

That’s all for me today, so until next month take care and enjoy summer!

Please see some more of Mette’s creative DIY projects here. We hope you get inspired and enjoy the crafting moment.


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7 Responses

  1. I love the tutorial!!! I didnt’ know that transferring prints to leather is SO easy. I’ll try it out asap.

    1. Hi Sarah.
      Oh that sounds wonderful! Yes it really is – hope you’re going to enjoy you own transfer creations. So happy crafting Sarah and thank you for taking your time for a comment:-)

  2. Todo lo que sea piel me chifla! En mis maletas no sería una buena idea, llegan siempre destrozadas, pero en mi bolso quedarían genial!

    Estos tutoriales son una caña. Incapaz de ponerme en modo DIY pero solo ver las imágenes ya me flipa!

    besos de verano!!!!

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