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DIY Trendy Copper Bouquet


Hello dear readers, it’s Mette again from Monsterscircus, it’s always a pleasure to be here on Eclectic Trends. Hope you’re ready for the upcoming Holiday –

Holiday brings gatherings and when invited to these soirees it’s always nice to bring the hostess something special.

A classic hostess gift is the bouquet of flowers and why not try to update it to a more modern look? Today I’m going to show you how you can create a trendy and long lasting bouquet, it will last years. Sounds good, huh? So, let’s get started.


A succulent


Floral wire

Floral tape (stretch the tape and it’ll press the wire in place)

Copper tube

and decor for e.g. some small Christmas ornaments



Remove the soils from the succulent and most of the roots and don’t worry this isn’t going to damage the plant.

Insert the wire as picture to secure and stabilize the rosette.

Twist the wires and add all of the wire cones and whatever decor you want to add, I’ve used glitter balls.

Use your floral tape to cover all the wire. Attach the tape at the top of the stem, and now you’re going to pull and twist until all wire is covered.

Now pull your stem through the copper tube and simply roll and stuff the ends of the wire back in the tube.


Remember I mentioned in the beginning of this post that it would last years? So how can you make it last? Simply by cutting the wires off, plant it in a pot with soil or you can make it grown in your garden.


Remember to add some sparkle to your bouquet – the copper tube adds some original style to this sustainable bouquet.

Anyone can do this, so are you going to try this for the next upcoming event or gathering? I hope you enjoyed this post and my idea of a modern and simple hand-tied bouquet. Enjoy your this months and it’s excitement, decorations connections and beautiful moments – Wish you all a Merry Christmas, and thank you so much for reading, looking forward to see you next time.


How about some extra inspiration?

7 Responses

  1. I love when Mette says “anyone can do this” ;-) Once again a beautiful idea wonderfully explained. Thank you Ladies for sharing all this. Have you both a lovely day xxi.

  2. Super nice to use succulents for this Christmas bouquet! I’d totally see someone use your tips for a modern wedding bouquet, Mette. A nice week to both of you! xx

    1. Hi Judith.
      Yes succulents are survivors which is perfect for the bouquet and me;-) Indeed Judith that’s a perfect idea – Actually copper is the symbol for the 7th anniversary year in the U.S. Thank you so much for taking your time for a comment and have a wonderful week!

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