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Domed Buildings As A Driver For Community Power

200 colored domed buildings constructions contain holiday homes and facilities on the island of Hormuz overlooking the Persian Gulf. Iranian practice ZAV Architects wanted to encourage tourists to visit the forgotten island and help increase the local GDO (gross domestic product) while being an alternative to standard high-rise holiday apartments. We are used to seeing high-rise hotel structures on shores; these accommodations are intended to attract tourists and bring the community together through a common project.

Late Iranian-born architect Nader Khalil invented Superadobe, a safe and accessible form of Earth Architecture that provides environmentally and financially sustainable living spaces. He devised a revolutionary dome building system that integrates traditional earth architecture with contemporary global safety requirements such as earthquakes. Locals became active participants in the ongoing project, which utilizes the Superadobe construction methods; its simplicity isn’t limited to qualified craftspeople.

Often the answer of architecture to designing accommodation by the seaside is a tall elevated structure that overlooks the surrounding landscape. This project scales down a larger development into a multitude of smaller spatial units, forming a field of colonies that interlace in a fluid fabric similar to that of a neighborhood.
ZAV architects



The complex embraces 15 vacation homes of domes of different sizes that are all interconnected. These structures are surrounded by other interconnected-domed buildings that contain public services such as restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, tourist information, and reception areas.

Ph: Soroush Majidi | Photos interiors: Tahmineh Monzavi

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