Dusky and moody interiors with Dimore Studio

Dimore Studio was founded by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran out of an explicit need to create a more sophisticated identity, primarily for those wishing to distinguish themselves by crossing over boundaries momentarily en vogue.”

Based in Milano, they collaborate within both the fashion and furniture fields with a lovely coexistence one can appreciate on these images. Interior Design in its best!









These images belong to two private residences in Milan but they work as well with hotels, restaurants and retail structures.

I am fascinated by the masculine and feminine touch, softness, light and dark, sophisticated, sometimes baroque, Italian style and some Scandinavian inspiration I’d say ( thought the second pic was from the Gubi catalog). I truly love every single room but if you ask me if I’d live in a moody home, I believe I could not. I am a light lover, probably I could try a bedroom. You?

I love styling in a moody way though, not exclusively though since I found out darker and dusky colors can be really mysterious and beautiful on a image. Through my trend representation last year for Global Color Research, I could observe how many photographers and stylists would work in that way already without being influenced by the moment of the year. It had nothing to do with summer or winter, few or much daylight. I do like high key shots still a lot, just believe moody is en vogue, a newer way of creating messages and will stay for a while. Hopefully.

How about you? What do you prefer light images or are you drawn to a more moody style?

How about some extra inspiration?

10 Responses

  1. I like visual contrast to be honest. So light and dark combined. In this line up I’m most drawn to the first photo. What I also notice in these photos in combo with the moody trend is the revival of Danish design from the 50-70s and sleek pegs.

  2. You actually do moody styling exceptionally well Gudy, it’s like you’re styling mark. However I totally see you in your light filled home with your beautiful ceramics.. For me, I’m somewhat between, most of our furniture and belongings were bought with the light surroundings of our home in Sydney but dealing with various rental properties while we’re expats has made the items a little difficult to place in darker, heavier homes… I think I will always need a light base though. xx M

    1. Same here, Mel, light is essential to me and that is one of the main reasons when living for a short while in Spain, I just stayed.x PD: Thank you so much for the lovely styling comment.

  3. Hola Gudy!

    Me flipan, atraen, las tres primeras imágines. Aunque la primera se lleva la palma de sofisticada, equilibrada. La madera clara con esos dos tonos de pared y alfombra me chifla.

    Y yo necesito la luz para sobrevivir, lo tengo clarísimo, pero me encanta la sensación serena, lujosa, sofisticada, calmada, de estos sitios!

    Un fuerte abrazo rubia!

  4. Un espacio muy inspirador Gudy, cierto que para vivir yo necesitaría un poco más de luz, pero aun así transmite una belleza y calma absoluta. La primera imagen me encanta, esas cómodas son preciosas y le dan mucha calidez al espacio. Muy buen post! Un fuerte abrazo

  5. I love the style of this company, their interiors really resonate with my style. I also love that the photographs are shot with large bursts of natural light that illuminate the interior thus creating the light/dark juxtaposition. xD

    1. Actually when we talk about what people may sense or feel, it is just a generally saying, and yet we all have a very personal take on it. So, there are nice Scandinavian exceptions too of bloggers who are quite moody such as Ida Laerke. However, the industry always talks to mainstreams.x

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