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Dutch Design Week 2023 – Best of Color

We are back with another round of this year’s Dutch Design Week, diving into Best of Color (and with no particular order). The theme for the DDW 2023 was ‘Picture This, which appeals to our imagination and celebrates the imagination of designers. One of the highlights was listening to color maverick and artist Yinka Ilori; we love this work and have featured him several times, but listening to him gave a new perspective on his impact. As per colorful work, there was not so much this year in Eindhoven, bits and pieces here and there, but let’s say the festival did not stand out thanks to an overjoying use of color. Instead, it’s been the edition of deep digging into socio-cultural aspects such as inclusivity, mental health, use of waste and overconsumption, and how to maintain heritage, to name a few.

Here are a few projects that we want to mention as special thanks to the use of color (1), the use of graphics and color (2), or the use of material and color (3+4):



Raw Color combines objects, textiles, and installations into a spatial color experience. ‘Multiply’ stands for overlapping and mixing colors and represents the many forms of color research that are central to the studio’s work. The materialization of color can be seen as the core of the multidisciplinary studio. The exhibition unites an overview of final outcomes and process, celebrates Raw Color as the winner of Limburg Design Award 2023, and shows a selection of the studio’s work from the past 15 years.


2. Tarkett and Studio Rens – LINO UNDERCOVER

Tarkett and Studio RENS reveal the hidden side of linoleum ( a natural material made from linseed oil and pine resin)  through an experimental exhibition where they uncover the hidden facets of linoleum by presenting three new spatial applications of this well-known material. Whether you use the designs as a rug on the floor or as wall pieces, they have a great color palette and graphics.


3. Me, Mi Graine & My Room of pain – LAURA DIECKWISCH

With this collection, Laura Dieckwisch strives for her textile designs to evoke physical contact and emotional closeness. The textile designer Laura Dieckwisch presents her graduation project from the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg. Her fabric collection explores the theme of migraine, a prevalent neurological disorder causing severe pain, by utilizing design as a medium for discussion. Laura Dieckwisch incorporates her own chronic migraine into an intuitive design process by allowing the pain to have a significant impact on the design. As a result, the fabric transcends its traditional role, metamorphosing into an object, a space, and a companion.


4. Industrial Devolution – RUBEN WARNSHUIS

With a furniture-making background and guided expertise from shoemakers, Ruben Warnshuis developed ‘Industrial Devolution,’ a workshop where everyone can weave their shoes from a rope in a four-step process. This workstation is intended as a low-tech production line for making shoes from a fresh perspective. The process has led to a rich volume of conceptual, functional, and aesthetic possibilities that demonstrate how we can simplify the production of complex products ourselves.

Best of Color - Dutch Design Week 2023

Best of Color - Dutch Design Week 2023

Best of Color - Dutch Design Week 2023

Best of Color - Dutch Design Week 2023



Did you know? We created a fun toolbox for all color lovers, so you can create your palettes and compositions:

Touchable Tones-Mood Board Box-small collection-Eclectic Trends


Introducing our 25-color palette, thoughtfully laminated onto sturdy wood for longevity and versatility. These robust samples are designed to withstand repeated use without bending or losing their vibrant colors

How about some extra inspiration?

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