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AW 14/15 Fashion & Lifestyle Trend Forecast | Dwelling: The Time is Ripe

I love a good cross-contribution! I have been following Beth for quite some time and love to see her trend forecasts and colour takes on fashion. Since fashion is many times a pioneer for interior design trends, I have invited her today to share with you the beautiful article on 2014 Dwelling.

Hi, my name is Beth Lauck and I am Trend Tablet’s U.S. Editor. I contribute with bi-monthly posts about emerging and disruptive design and communications trends, and help forecast why and how these changes will affect market intelligence. I also maintain a blog devoted to the intersections between fashion, future studies and trend science; and I am working on launching my own consulting firm in January of 2014. Visit my blog here.


We are dwellers.

August in California is especially beautiful. The air is ripe with sunshine. Gardens sing of sweet earth, and bustle with all manner of insect families and songs. The time has arrived to harvest summer fruits and vegetables, and for gathering roses from swollen vines. The time has come to gather old friends around the fire, and tell stories about the riches of the day and the silences that echo softly in the shadows. The time is ripe for dwelling; for dancing, singing, standing, loving, breathing and dreaming.

In Poetry, Language and Thought, Martin Heidegger writes that dwelling is not only about the ways in which we inhabit space, it is also about the ways in which we think, create, unfold and unleash the restless chambers of imagination. Dwelling, he reveals, is a word that means “to cherish and protect, to preserve and care for, specifically to till the soil, to cultivate the vine.”

Dwelling is an exclusive chapter from the macro trend forecast, HEARTLAND.


dwelling1 dwelling2


dwelling8 dwelling9

You can find Beth on Facebook & Pinterest for extra trend footage, stories and photos!

I hope you  have enjoyed that cross-collab as much as I did!  I am currently in LA with the Modenus BlogTourLA and will share with you during the week loads of snippets of the West Edge Design Fair at Facebook and IG. Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Great pictures and the atmosphere they create. I am so happy that trends turned back to more authenticity and natural surfaces. It seems that every time we are fed up of technology and too much progress we have to reclaim real values and again – authenticity. I hope it’s a trend that will last a little bit longer.

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