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Earthly Delights: ROUND. The September Issue

Before we start, for you who see this series for the first time: Sandy from Confiture de Vivre and myself started publishing Earthly Delights beginning summer where we play with what we are best at. Sandy from Jena, Germany and myself from Barcelona, Spain with one common theme and two interpretations. Sandy: Easy to explain how we got to the next theme: Gudy asked me “What do you prefer? Round or square?” My answer was: ” Round since it’s so organic!” So, my round Escalivada Pintxos is an homage to the summer. There are a couple of things that had left a positive impact on me this summer. Together with my hubby (@honestlyphotos) we have met Gudy and Christopher in Girona. We came from Perpignan, France, they live in Barcelona and Girona is just half way. We have spent a wonderful day confirming how close we are. And not to forget the Escalivada in Gilles Goujons „Auberge du Vieux Puits“ : grilled vegetables finely seasoned with olives, capers and anchovies which has been the most summery dish I had so far. And it was prepared in a way I’ll never forget. As a little gift to Gudy and because of my love to the French aperitif and Catalan tapas, I have created Round being an homage to this amazing summer. Et voilà.


escalivada_pintxos_stapel Gudy: Truth to be told, we skipped one theme in August which was even already produced. When meeting in Girona, we decided that a summer break was necessary to disconnect and charge batteries. And spend some wonderful time together! When thinking on the next topic, we came up with geometrical shapes and immediately went for Round! I am highly influenced right now by all the flower workshops I follow on the Internet and the green slow movement. Plus, I had just purchased at the beginning of summer new paper supplies. This backdrop is made out of dried leaves and has been dyed afterwards in India. I am happy it found such a nice purpose to be used! Earthly Delights Round_C | Eclectic Trends Earthly Delights Round_3C | Eclectic Trends Earthly Delights Round_4C| Eclectic Trends

How about some extra inspiration?

9 Responses

  1. Que bonitas coronas de flores, deliciosas!
    Y que apetitosas tortitas de verduras, potentes y amargos colores. La escalibada es vida! Súper!

    Gran colaboración chicas!

    Los círculos son redondos, como vuestro matrimonio creativo!!!



  2. So nice to remember your summer together through the round pintxos (they look delicious!). Wow, your backdrop traveled a long way, Gudy! The berries and leaves are so fresh and fragile. Perfect to wear to a back-to-work-September-party when we don’t want to leave summer behind just yet.

  3. You’re right Gudy! You really nailed it! Amazing interpretations, amazing styling and close ups. Devine eye candy that’s what it is:-) Thank you both so much for sharing and enjoy your day, best Mette

  4. Beautiful interpretations of the same theme. It’s really nice to see both of your personalities and talents in the results!

  5. Hi Lena, thank you! We are surprised too when we finally reveal our images to ourselves the day before we publish the post. I love that moment!

  6. How lovely that you both met in person again! Sandy’s homage to the meet up is so meaningful and I have to agree, nothing better than the french aperitif and Spanish tapas. Gudy your copper ring with flowers is simply beautiful, especially against your Indian leaf paper. I really enjoy this series girls! Mel x

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