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Earthly Delights: AUTUMN. The November Issue

Before we start, for you who stumble upon this series for the first time: Sandy from Confiture de Vivre and myself started publishing Earthly Delights beginning summer playing around with what we are best at with one common theme we decide on together and two interpretations.

This time we decided to go for a season, we both feel very much attached to and still kind of transport the slow feeling from our last post.

Sandy: Autumn is definitely the time for a hearty soup. Nothing fancy only a nourishing soup that is warming your belly from inside after a long walk through the woods. Chestnuts come right the way. An old fruit, harvested in the dark woods of Haut Languedoc, roasted on an open fire and then put into the soup together with pears and hot spices. Tasty and simple and simply good.

ED_Herbst (1)

ED_Herbst (2)


Gudy: I had a long summer this year. Actually we still have unusual mild temperatures and to get the autumn feeling, I went on to a longer walk towards the ‘green lung’ of Barcelona. There is the Collserola mountain (I have just learned it is the largest metropolitan park in the world) surrounding part of the city where you can walk hours and hours. I came back with a nice loot of leaves, cones, rose hips and all you discover during these autumn days in the reddish, green and saffron-colored forest. I had the privilege to watch the sunset with glowing golden tree tops and knew then, I would make shine some finds in exactly that same color.

Earthly Delights_Autumn3

Earthly Delights_Autumn2

Earthly Delights_Autumn 4

If you’d like to see our former issues, please have a look at the thumbnails below.

How about some extra inspiration?

16 Responses

  1. Precioso! que fotos tan bonitas y que colores tan increíblemente otoñales.

    Confiture la ha clavado con esa crema de castañas caliente, suculenta, con el punto dulce de la pera de otoño, es que la huelo…
    Y tus tres aportaciones son magia! De verdad Gudy, que delicadeza de fotos y que colores tan potentes. Y es cierto, las puestas de sol son tan doradas como ese pan de oro de tu naturaleza otoñal. Estoy enamorada de tu primera foto. El verde aterciopelado con el oro y esas ramitas delicadas…

    Vaya par de artistas!

    Un abrazo!

  2. Beautiful nature! It’s amazing how much you can convey with just a few photos. We’ve been enjoying unusually warm weather here in France but I love Autumn and can’t wait to start making wholesome soups for us all. Thanks!

    1. Same her, Deb. We had until end of last week the most amazing weather, must have been similar to your temperatures. What an Autumn!I am already in the soup mood too! x

  3. Both your autumns look gorgeous (and yummy)! Especially the last picture of those gradient berries as I like to call them. I found some around here too when they looked still fresh and green-pink-plum, but with the golden berry it looks just precious!

    1. Hi Judith, they turn black and small after some days. I have them on my kitchen able now and love to see their transformation bit by bit.x

  4. I so loved to do the november issue and I am impressed once again how we both worked on it. I think we found our special way to convey what we love to do.
    Looking forward to our december issue.

    massive hugs,

    1. It might be a Mediterranean thing? Haven’t thought about it. What I definitely don’t know are the name of the flowers and leaves and trees…I am such an urban chick:-)

  5. This is how I’d love autumn to be. Sandy that soup looks so tempting and Gudy, I love how you’ve added a golden sunshine to your photos. Both different interpretations but equally stunning. Wishing you both a lovely weekend x

  6. What a wonderful addition this month. I love them both, the soothing warmness of Sandy’s soups and the earthy nature of Gudy’s finds. These elements are also why I love Autumn too. xD

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