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Earthly Delights: FROSTY. The December Issue

A brief intro for you who stumble upon this series for the first time: Sandy from Confiture de Vivre and myself started publishing Earthly Delights beginning summer playing around with what we are best at with one common theme we decide on together and two interpretations. This time we decided to try ‘frosty’, a little homage to snowflakes, morning frost and colder days.

iles3_ED_frostig iles2_ED_frostig iles1_ED_frostig Sandy: I have never prepared the Île Flottantes before though I had them on my to-do-list for quite some time.  And I can’t tell you why since they are so easy to make. The little floating islands look so delicate and really frosty, don’t they?  They brought big smiles on my guests’ faces last weekend. No matter how much we love lush desserts – we will probably enjoy a few during those festive days , sometimes it can be served being light and most fluffy too. Froozen_EarthlyDelights Froozen_EarthlyDelights_2 Froozen_EarthlyDelights_4 Gudy: Winter has come early this year to Barcelona and even we don’t tend to have snow here, it’s been quite chilly already a few days. You have to get creative when you don’t have the outdoor characteristics stepping out into nature shooting beautiful morning frost vignettes. This blue ice story is the final outcome and third after two failed attempts with burned merengue creations and a not too well executed icing sugar coating. I guess, I have to leave those foodie inventions to Sandy!

How about some extra inspiration?

7 Responses

  1. Sandy, what a great composition! Gudy, I love how you go behind the scenes, telling us what went wrong. It’s all part of the creative process! Both look amazing and I have to tell you that I still have frozen flowers in my freezer for a shooting I am planning… Also, I have given up on food styling, mostly because the food is gone before the shoot is finished ;-)

  2. Amazing ♡ Gudy I love the cold feeling coming out of your pictures … the bleu shades and those icy details that definitely take me away from touching those glasses! And Sandy, your ile flottante looks inviting (and I’m not a huge fan of this dessert). Ladies, I’m cold now, but I guess that was part of the exercise ;-) Looking forward your next issue. Have a warm day xxi.

  3. Sandy, I would kill for one of those iles flottantes right now. They really look like icebergs. And Gudy, those pictures are gorgeous. I love the different textures. The shot must have been quite challenging if you used frozen water. Beautiful collaboration once more!

  4. Esas islas flotantes más bien me transportan a la primavera, no sé, ese amarillo y el verde pistacho me dan rollo buen tiempo, sol,…
    En cambio, tu composición me deja helada. Esas texturas, esos azules, me transportan a la Patagonia argentina. A ese Perito Moreno que todos deseamos conocer!

    Que buen rollo vuestro proyecto en común!


  5. I so love to collaborate with you my dear! It is always challenging but I love every part of our series. Looking forward to 2014 and new ideas.
    Hugs, Sandy

  6. Gudy thank goodness for those failed attempts because what you came up with is quite incredible.. it reminds me of the early mornings while I lived in Austria. Sandy, you have the luckiest friends to be guests at your table. Beautiful photos. Mel x

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