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Earthy chalky colors in a Netherland’s home

Earthy chalky colors-Eclectic Trends

The first thought, when seeing these stunning interiors was: look at that chandelier hanging in the fireplace! It is a little hidden but the eye was led to this swinging masterpiece. Not only because it is put out of context and hung at a place so unusual, but also because all of the surrounding colors direct the eye to it. This is the power of colors!  An intelligently chosen color palette will put emphasis on things that you truly want to highlight and this is exactly what happened here. This house was nominated for several interior awards and we thought, it was about time to show you this stunning home featuring the most beautiful chalky earthy colors.

Earthy chalky colors-Eclectic Trends


Earthy chalky colors-Eclectic Trends

Earthy chalky colors-Eclectic Trends

Earthy chalky colors-Eclectic Trends

Earthy chalky colors-Eclectic Trends

Earthy chalky colors-Eclectic Trends


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Well, where to start with this real interiors gem? It is not only the chandelier, it is mostly the colors that add a very distinctive look to this place. This house really manages to combine earthy colors with a few bold and industrial details without looking too rough, it looks effortless and we can tell you why.

All of the colors combined here are from one color family, they stay in the analogous color palette which you can also find in nature very often. The chalky olive and mustard tones are all desaturated and create a very comfortable and serene design. Olive and mustard have been featured in our last colors-to-watch-for-2017 post, so this is just another example of how relevant these shades are.

Sometimes, when using an analogous color theme, things don’t have enough contrast. By adding a few colorful and quirky details the interiors gain enough accents. Every room shows a well-balanced composition of new and old, a few raw industrial additions make the natural pieces shine even more. The colors in the house make the eye wander to the few, but very distinctive details, like the successful mix of antique and new furniture, some weathered wood and the modern graphic art pieces.



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