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Eclectic Trends Studio Workshop, 26.04.14

Do you know that feeling when you want to step back, pause and see things with a perspective after having lived them? This is why it has taken me a few days to publish this post about our workshop from the past weekend.

I wanted to pick the pictures I liked most with some time, see through the filming material, speak again with some participants and work then on a nice sum-up.

For those who follow me a bit, you know I am giving visual merchandising seminars worldwide and I am an educated trainer. Clients call me and I show up whether my trainees are in Europe, the Middle East or South America. But it is a totally different thing to produce, organize and market yourself a workshop. I have loved every single minute before and during, and I learned a lot!

ET Studio Workshop Props

It has been a wonderful group of 3 gentlemen and 9 ladies, some coming from the interior design world, others not and I can just confirm a nice mix is always very rewarding!

ET Studio Workshop 6

ET Studio Workshop  1

I loved observing that some participants had a personal interest in getting to know more about interior design meanwhile others came with a clear professional interest in learning creative techniques and trends from the past international fairs and apply the gained knowledge to their business.

ET Studio Workshop 3

ET Studio Workshop11

During the morning we had kind of a visual storm seeing 4 top interior styles and a carefully selected sum up of the must-known trends, followed by a yummy ecological lunch (will show you in the video which is in the post production now) and an afternoon session working on everyone’s mood board project getting creative and hands-on. And we had a ball!

ET Studio Workshop

ET Studio Workshop  2

We were playing with spread sheets, all kind of washi tapes, fabric samples, feathers, dried flowers, ribbons… and a wonderful colour palette from Autentico Chalk Paint which Neus (see picture below) had been sponsoring. She runs chalk paint workshops and you don’t want to miss them. Neus is a fantastic teacher who makes learning and being creative very easy!

ET Studio Workshop 7

But see some of the participants works yourself. I think they are really interesting, there was so much talent in this room! We even had a tiny kokedama (all inspired by the Green Trend we’d been seeing before) hanging from one of the collage. From a night desert cacti fashion style concept, to a fresh cafeteria proposal, a country-style home and  concrete interior project for a client – there has been a good mix of works! And you can see all mood boards uploaded here.

ET Studio Workshop goodie (1)

Thank you to Bea from CabinetBCN for the wonderful goodie above and to all participants. Mario & Carlos, Núria Q., Bea, Begoña, NeusElenaBayronSonia, Núria T, Marta and Anabel.

I really could not have had a more encouraging, fun and creative group to kick off these workshops. The next one is coming on May, 31 in Spanish and June, 21 in English! Please email me if you have any questions or register right here.

How about some extra inspiration?

17 Responses

  1. A great pleasure being part of your wonderful workshop Gudy, I have also learned a lot and the experience was fantastic. Kisses!!!

    1. Gracias, Sonia! It’s been wonderful having you! And thank you for all the prior sm support, very grateful. Un gran abrazo!

  2. Uauuu! Me encanta el post! Se aprecia la verdadera esencia del taller! Estilo, tendencias, color, collage y muuyyyy buen rollo! Fué realmente enriquecedor! Y trabajar con una pro como tu no tiene precio! Un abrazo! Y a esperar el siguiente…petonets!

    1. Muchas gracias, Núria! Es que lo pasamos tan bien, de verdad.Ya verás cuando sale el video, parece que nos conozcamos todos de toda la vida! Un gran abrazo.

    1. Still feeling that energy from the past weekend! It’s been wonderful! Happy weekend, Deepa!

  3. Wow Gudy, so nice to see photos and hear about the workshop. It looks like they were really enjoying it, I can feel the energy from the photos. Congratulations xx M

    1. I know, we look happy, don’t we? It’s been a wonderful time and experience! And I was very very lucky with this first group!xx

  4. Darling, you did a great job! Love to see how it came out! Everything goes in the right direction now, believe me!

    Hugs, Sandy

    1. Thank you, Sandy! It felt great to have that much energy in the room!The moodboarding session was a blast!xo

  5. Looks so lovely Gudy! So happy you and everyone involved had a wonderful time. Everyone looks so happy :) Well done you sweet lovely xx

  6. Smiling faces everywhere! Looks like you had such a wonderful time. And extra yayy for the green trend… of course ;) bisous!

  7. Wow, congratulations on a very successful first workshop.
    How wonderful to see those images and so much energy and laughter. Shows we are in Barcelona:-)

    Nice to see you looking radiant and in your element.
    Well done Gudy and I hope you feel proud of yourself xx

  8. Gudy! fue un taller maravilloso. Me encantó como lo impartiste, fue un día muy agradable, aprendí mucchas cosas a muchos niveles. Un fuerte abrazo
    PD Gracias por la foto, creo que realmente transmite lo bien que me lo pasé en el taller.

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