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Egg and Nutshell waste entering the the value chain again with Shell Homage

We contacted Rania Mazen Elkalla, founder of Shell Homage, in 2023. Rania is a global award-winning Egyptian multidisciplinary designer with a product & graphic design educational background and experience in material science and production techniques.

Shell Homage provides biodegradable composite materials and products made from discarded eggshells and various nutshells.
The created biodegradable material serves as a replacement for oil-based plastics and can be applied in several functional applications such as interior design, lighting design, furniture design, home accessories, consumable goods, 3D printing, fashion, and jewelry design. Shell Homage bio-composite material resembles marble, natural stones, rubber, or glass, depending on its finish.

Each piece is handcrafted into a unique combination of colors and patterns. It is 100% compostable when it is no longer in use.


Her work with waste shells (egg shells and nut shells) in a vibrant color palette is a refreshing take on how food waste can be introduced back into the value chain.
Rania exhibited at the Milan Design Week this year at two places, and we are thrilled that Rania will travel from Cairo to participate in our next Think Tank session to explain her research process, bring beautiful pieces with her, and make sure everybody gets to take home a sample:)



The aim is to create functional and sustainable products that have a lifespan, being completelybiodegradable. We fabricate biomaterials based on natural fillers such as eggshells and various nutshells, without the use of toxic chemicals. Our goal is to offer viable products that can decay when discarded in your compost, providing an environmentally friendly solution for disposal. We embrace the shells used and
pay homage to their journey.

Rania Mazen Elkalla



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