Color Forecast 2022 By Jotun: Embrace, Playful, and Cherish


Embrace, Playful, and Cherish are the color trends that belong to TOGETHER, the core theme of Jotun‘s next forecast for 2022.


“Humans are social beings and thrive best with others. The time we spend with family and friends is enriching for body, soul and mind. The need to meet others has rarely been greater than right now. For good conversation, laughter, a bit of gossip, or to share a moment of friendly silence. Just being together can lift your spirits and generate new ideas.”

-Lisbeth Larsen, Global Color Manager, Jotun


Colors have a similar effect – they can calm us down or perk us up, clear our minds, or kick-start our creativity.  The 2022 color palettes are designed to reflect and highlight different aspects of personal needs and lifestyles.



The inspiration comes here from a natural and embracing palette. EMBRACE is reminiscent of earth, sand, desert, iron, and rust. We’ve learned that surrounding ourselves with natural tones in the home positively affects us; it gives us humans a sense of joy and harmony.

– Memories can be brought to life with the help of colors. A yellowish beige tone can make us remember grandma’s old kitchen, and a blue-grey tone can bring back summer memories of an old summer cottage. In this way, colors can create precious moments,” explains Lisbeth Larsen, Global Colour Manager at Jotun.

This theme values the beauty of the long-lasting and rustic. EMBRACE speaks about a home that feels unpretentious yet personal and preferably “spiced up” with unique furniture and art.

In this theme, cold tones meet warm and golden hues. There are many possible combinations here; the hues you put together determine how contrasting the color scheme will be.











Colors carry hope and optimism. This is expressed through the fresh and bright yellows and greens, with uplifting lavenders, creating a color palette full of energy and playful combinations.

The PLAYFUL range comes packed with powerful bright colors; it’s all about unleashing our creativity and giving new color combinations a chance. Jotun encourages us to thrive in a creative interior with encouraging turquoise and green, happy sun-filled yellows and shades of uplifting lavender.

If you think it’s a bit too daring to choose the most vibrant colors for all the walls in an entire room, there are many alternatives for you. By using a more neutral base, you can, for example, paint some details like furniture or a wall. Or how about coloring the ceiling in an intense color against more neutral walls?

Dream big, play, and let the colors in with delicate energy bombs!





In times of uncertainty, muted and natural colors remind us that home is the very anchor of existence, says Lisbeth Larsen; it’s our warm haven, where we feel safe and comfortable.

The palette is made of warm neutrals, which are cocooning, warm and enveloping. A homely and comfortable atmosphere can be created in combination with airy textiles and soft surfaces. The new neutrals are friendly and have more red in them than the golden beige tones we’ve seen in recent years.

With a few touches of light green and shades of rust, details are highlighted, or walls are given delicate contrasting colors to the neutrals.
The added dusty shades create a subtle, soft, and elegant interior suited for “greige” expression. All in all, this palette shows minimalism with a sensual difference.



Please note that the colors displayed in this article do not necessarily match the exact tone of the paint. Texts: Jotun Lady | Styling: Kråkvik and D’Orazio | Ph: @linethitklein

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