Eny Lee Parker’s #stayhome miniature home clay project

miniature home clay project

New creativity has been sprung these days, with millions of people staying home. We’d like to share today Eny Lee Parker‘s miniature home clay project she initiated on her IG feed with much participation.

Before we do, you might want to learn that the Instagram hashtag #dollhouse has 1.6 million posts and #miniature has 4.3 million, we see a trend emerge (confirmed on Etsy, too) which will allow for a profitable business for a few providers. Oven-bake-clay has been Eny Lee’s material of choice to create a miniature room will staying in her studio and inviting her community on IG to participate in a competition of ‘your ideal room’.

The material is not water but oil-based, meaning it doesn’t dry out easily, and it has to been baked in your home oven a certain time depending on the thickness of the piece. Oven-bake-clay comes in several colors but can be painted with acrylics, too.

She shared works of hers that would have debuted at ICFF and added a few favorite pieces gathered at her Pinterest board like the Noguchi lamp or Jean Arp sculpture. ‘Tedious tasks are my love language’, and so she spent quite some time on pinching a Mauro Fabbro armchair to simulate a bouclé fabric. Here goes the outcome:


miniature home clay project

miniature home clay project

miniature home clay project

miniature home clay project

You can see in her highlight Clay Play on Instagram the works of participants and finalists of her initiative. Very inspiring!

How about some extra inspiration?

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