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Estudio Persona’s approach far away from Latino’s cliché

This has been my first coup de coeur this year, there is no one single piece I would not immediately ship from LA to Barcelona. Estudio Persona is founded by industrial designer Emiliana Gonzalez and conceptual artist Jessie Young, both born in Uruguay who moved fours years ago to Los Angeles. Their furniture collection embodies strong modern pieces, far from the exuberantly colorful Latino cliché blending function and sculptural shapes with simplicity with a focus on cylindrical elements.

We are both from Uruguay, a country strongly influenced by the Art Deco movement. Living in California has been refreshing and inspiring for us, and the relocation to a new country changed our perspective. I would say our work has been a reaction to the aesthetics of Neutra, Schindler, Lautner, Late Moderne, Brutalism (especially Brutalism) and the Case Study House Program.
Jessie Young



Eclectic Trends-Estudio Persona-full collection

Eclectic Trends- Estudio Persona-2

Eclectic Trends-Estudio Persona-6


Eclectic Trends-Estudio Persona-5

Eclectic Trends-Estudio Persona-3

After working with wood, leather, and metal, the duo os working on a new approach focusing  now on  light and color. “It’s a very subtle and timid approach,” says Jessie, “we have a weird relationship with color. We are always attracted to raw natural materials and how they open the possibility to experience nature through design.”


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