Fashion Color Trends S/S 19 translated into Interior Design

Eclectic Trends | Fashion Color Trends S:S 2019 translated into Interior Design_2

We often talk about how similar Fashion and Interior Design are when it comes to color. Today’s post on Fashion Color Trends S/S 2019 translated into Interior Design shows how these two design worlds share similar sources of inspirations.

Color is a prominent factor in the decision-making process related to our living and consume expectations. The textile world often offers ideas of color palettes that we will translate today into several examples coming from interiors, styling, furniture design but also gastronomy and hotels design.

The reference comes from Scout, an Australia-based trend agency that revealed two of their trend forecasts for next Spring/Summer 2019.

Trends are born within society from a real need that drives us towards several specific directions. This necessity or change in people’s values permeates several disciplines and is fundamental for the trend to be able to expand and grow.


Eclectic Trends | Fashion Color Trends S:S 2019 translated into Interior Design_2

The first colors palette proposed by Scout sees a cool and calming combinations of head-to-toes blues, complemented by only two greens within the same color range: mint gives the palette a fresh touch whereas teal brings memory of deep waters.

Nature is the main source of inspiration, particularly in its liquid state: water.

The main focus on this natural resource and the growing concern and awareness for the state of the Oceans is translated into new designs related in particular to the global call to reduce our waste production as well as the need for re-collecting plastics and fishing nets.


  1. A head-to-toe blues statement

  2. Cool and calming combinations

  3. Mineral and aquatic influences

  4. Tonal and fluid colorways

  5. Soft + painterly


Studio Chloe Nègre | Hotel Bienvenue Paris


India Mahdavi | Talisman table


Gam Fratesi | Copenhague Restaurant


Elena Mora | Classic/Contemporary styling


Note Design Studio | Into the green for Stockholm Design Week 2018


Terzo Piano | Graniti Fiandre

The influence of water is not the only reason why this tone can be found in many areas: its psychological effect is also adamant.

A part from being the most popular color globally, its presence is becoming more and more predominant as the need for a calmer and more serene environment increases, an environment where to be able to disconnect from an increasingly demanding surroundings.

Blue tones will be used extensively to create calm and reflective spaces where to find peace of mind.

2// BETWEEN EARTH AND SKYEclectic Trends | Fashion Color Trends S:S 2019 translated into Interior Design_2

Warm desert colors inspired the second palette created by Scout for Life SS19 and represents a balanced encounter between earth and sky.

Experience is the new key world that defines the younger generations that prefer to travel, explore and live by the moment instead of owning a property, have financial obligations and make roots. It is an Earth call that creates the color range of this theme.

The Grand Canyon palette that appeared so often in images in social networks invite us for an exploration journey that provides us with a greater vitality, desire to explore but, at the same time, comfort and serenity.

Earth tones in the broadest sense from terracotta, ocher, oxide and coffee are still strong. The rustic touch of these tones looses importance for its combination with sky blue and geranium rose.


  1. Warm desert color

  2. Colors inspired by nature

  3. Terracotta and clay tones

  4. Rustic stripes and weaves

  5. Seasonless + timeless



Marcante Testa Architetti | Apartment in Turin


Elena Mora | View Point Magazine


Matteo Ferrari Studio and Ciszak Dalmas | Malababa

 Fashion Color Trends S/S 2019 translated into Interior Design Workshop-Brothers-Eclectic-Trends

Studio Esteta | Workshop Brothers

Materials are raw but refined, enriched by a soft and sensual tactility, translated into bold geometric and print patterns inspired by more folkloric roots.

In interior design, rich browns, rust and powder blue hues are juxtaposed to accents of pink and burgundy in the details.

How about some extra inspiration?

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