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The soft atmosphere of Faye Toogood’s renovation project

Eclectic Trends | Faye Toogood's renovation project in Ibiza

This is why we’d like to share Faye Toogood’s renovation project:

1// In a nutshell:

Faye Toogood’s work is a continuous source of inspiration since she left The World of Interiors magazine in 2007 and opened her London-based studio where she has been working on design, interiors and sculptures. Her approach is honest, deeply rooted in the process of craftsmanship and based on a clear quest to create timeless products able to sooth our inner world. This is visible also in her collaboration with her sister Erica – that brought to the creation of the firm T-o-o-g-o-o-d, a corner stone of contemporary, high-quality and unisex fashion.

Eclectic Trends | Faye Toogood's renovation project in Ibiza

Eclectic Trends | Faye Toogood's renovation project in Ibiza

Eclectic Trends | Faye Toogood's renovation project in IbizaEclectic Trends | Faye Toogood's renovation project in Ibiza


Eclectic Trends | Faye Toogood's renovation project in Ibiza

2// What draw our attention the most:

The renovation Toogood carried out in this Ibiza vacation house represents a manifesto of her unique aesthetic able to turn something elemental into something beautiful. The house has been completely renewed, both inside and outside, to create a serene getaway that could merge with the nature around. In fact, as Faye Toogood herself explained, they “wanted the house to feel very soft and natural—a part of the landscape.”

A neutral palette has been chosen for the interiors but this monochromatic election doesn’t affect at all the luxurious feeling you perceive when looking at the space.

An impalpable grandeur defines the entrance, where a central console, designed by Toogood of kiln-dried oak and plaster stands to showcase handmade soil vessels from artist Raya Stefanova. Next to it, three sculptures from the English designer stand, revealing her love for Brancusi’s work.

The strong yet subtle tactile feeling that we perceive in this space is repeated in all the others rooms thanks to the choice of materials, such as the creamy plaster walls or the curtains made of hessian, a coarse hemp fabric.

Contemporary design elements, such as Piero Lissoni’s sofa or Toogood’s tapestries, are counterpoised to vintage pieces creating a dialogue between past and present.

3// The bigger picture

The home renovation just completed by Faye Toogood perfectly embodies the concepts we presented in  our digital  Trend Book SS19 we have launched earlier this year. Society is moving towards a more natural, serene relation to their homes, moved by the need to reconnect with the inner-selveselves, including the overall atmosphere as well the tactility of materials used in the home.

Picture by Tobias Alexander Harvey via AD.

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