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Faye Toogood x Birkenstock 1774

Faye Toogood x Birkenstock

We are a huge fan of Faye Toogood and her approach to volume. As a multidisciplinary designer, one of her greatest skills is to integrate a design vision across different typologies and still be recognized.

She has teamed up with Birkenstock 1774 to enter the luxury fashion market. Cork, quilted leather, and canvas are the three materials she picked as her signature. The last two features were a tad harder to achieve during the process since the Birkenstock manufacturer had never worked in that way.

Birkenstock fits in perfectly with Toogood because it is irrespective of gender, age, and any kind of cultural outlook. Birkenstock has brilliant craftsmanship that hasn’t changed. It’s a brand with consistency and a democratic outlook. Also, what I liked about their approach was that they said, “You can do anything you want, we just want to work with Toogood. We feel that we share the same values.””
Faye Toogood x Surface Mag



Toogood has created three new sandal styles: Forager, Mudlark, and Beachcomber in cream, black, and yellow.

Known for her sculptural approach, Toogood’s interpretations find inspiration in the idea of objects trouvés: objects and works of art from the past unearthed for display. With its refined shapes and organic feel, the collection rests on the brand’s two fundamental pillars of functionality and sculptural design for all aspects of everyday life.

To complete the collection and celebrate the values shared by both brands, Toogood has designed a ready-to-wear collection and a worth-to-be-on-any-wishlist bed that incorporates the BIRKENSTOCK sleep system. Again, quilted layers of canvas and leather upholstery create a soft form, which sits on a cork base with Birkenstock’s natural mattress and built-in slatted bed base. The headboard and top lining are upholstered in cream leather and celebrate its natural texture. Faye Toogood x Birkenstock

New collar for Birkenstock 1774

Faye Toogood x Birkenstock 1774

All images courtesy of Tom Johnson.


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