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Fine-art rendering with Ando Studio

Some years ago we started replacing here in Spain photos by 3D renderings for furniture catalogs, some manufactures thought it would be less pricy,  (as a stylist you have of course a different opinion) and I have seen since then various finishings and qualities. Ando Studio is offering probably one of the finest qualities I have observed so far. What you see here is not a real loft but great digital work. Stunning, right?







The Israel based studio was founded in 2011 by architect Aziza Oren, interior designer Anna Epstein and interior designer Ety Azougy. The studio team is very experienced in architectural visualization, marketing films and working with other professional such as architects, interior designers and entrepreneurs.

Would you have noticed here you are not observing a real home? Bertrand Benoit is another 3D expert, his work is stunning too. Check his work out here. He gets inspired from several blogs and renders still lives too, it’s difficult to notice the digital art behind.

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. ¿No es real? En determinadas zonas se nota algo raro, pero el trabajo es practicamente perfecto. Por que tu lo has dicho, yo no me habría dado cuenta. El loft es impresionante!!

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