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Finnish Brutalism-style made of pine wood

Making its global debut at London Design Festival 2021, Vaarniis Finnish Brutalism-style collection comprises twelve pieces by a roster of internationally renowned designers. Vaarnii tasked each with creating an object that responded to the inherent qualities, limitations and benefits of pine. The result is a remarkably cohesive – and highly striking – family of furniture and accessories that makes a compelling case for a pine renaissance and revival of Brutalism style.

Launched in 2021, Vaarnii is a furniture company with a uniquely Finnish perspective. On a mission to kickstart a new era in furniture design, the brand creates striking yet simple objects rooted in function and defined by material. The result is a brutal yet sophisticated aesthetic, a transparent materiality, and a collection of contemporary furniture that will endure for generations. Vaarnii’s first collection is made exclusively from wild Scots Pine – the most abundant wood in Finland – and each subsequent collection will focus on a different material.

As the aesthetic we wanted to achieve is quite distinctive we spent a considerable amount of time deciding which designer would design what. We also wanted to find a good balance between serious industrial designers and more artistic ones. One doesn’t create future classics trying by playing it safe. We always thought that we’d rather make ugly than non-distinctive products.”
Antti Hirvonen, co-founder, Vaarnii



Finnish Brutalism-style made of pine wood

The form of Mac Collins’ Bowls is definite and unwavering in its evocation of sturdiness and stability.

Finnish Brutalism-style made of pine wood

Coffee Table by Soft Baroque

The satisfyingly rational joints of traditional Finnish log houses, themselves a celebration of elementary wooden construction, have been used to decorative effect in this most solid of tables.

Finnish Brutalism-style made of pine wood

AA bench by Kwangho Lee

A whole pine log runs through the centre of the AA Bench, sandwiched between a seat and an inverted V form.

Finnish Brutalism-style made of pine wood

Lounge chair by Max Lamb
Yet a hard-as-nails first impression soon gives way to a visual softness and physical comfort

You can discover the complete collection here.

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