Fitzgerald Private clinic is the epitome of Serenity Self-Care

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Fitzgerald Private Clinic designed by Kingston Lafferty Design (KLD) invites you to step into an environment that captures the essence of calm and quiet amongst the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city.

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Self-care is becoming more of a key focus within our society.

We are looking for moments of calm and serenity amidst our hectic and fast-paced lifestyles.

Taking time to take care of ourselves is considered important, appreciated and more accepted than ever before. 

KLD wanted to design a space to encapsulate the changes we see across the well-being landscape. Fitzgerald Private clinic is a space of refined luxury and indulgence but in a subtle, calming and comforting way.



“The service offer is premium and luxury, and the spaces that encapsulate it were designed to echo that at every touchpoint. We wanted to design a space that was tactile and all-encompassing with a sense of otherworldliness.”

Kingston Lafferty Design founder Roisin Laffer



Taking influence from natural elements, and a feeling of being transported to another realm, the design of Fitzgerald Private Clinic defines the functions of a beauty clinic and retail space invitingly and experientially.

The spaces sit harmoniously side by side and cocoon the visitor in a warm, tactile and calming environment.

The tone of the clinic is soft and cocooning, relaxed, inviting and light.

The palette takes reference from the elements in nature, water, air and precious materials with subtle references to the delicacy and fragility of beauty and skin in an authentic way, drawing on tactility layering fabrics, glass and stone.

The stunning marble used throughout the design is inspired by a feeling of otherworldliness – enhancing the goal for utter disconnection and relaxation.

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Good design is about balance and harmony and KLD has achieved this by contrasting the rugged, raw elements with softer, delicate femininity.

Fitzgerald Private Clinic is an inviting atmosphere and environment that draws the visitor in and encourages them to just spend a while taking care of our most important companion – ourselves.

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Images courtesy of Kingston Lafferty Design.

Photography by Ruth Maria Murphy

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