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Floating Coworking Space That Looks Like Organic Cells

This floating coworking space could be part of how we want to work, mingle and collaborate in the future. Working from home is safe but also very limiting; employees seek more camaraderie and working at their office desk, but would also love to have an inspirational space in between.

The Future Of Work is a polycentric system that would comprise three work stations or localizations including our home office, corporate workspace, and public places such as a hotel lobby, café, or coworking space. According to workers preferences, remote work won’t be anchored towards as WFH situation only.”
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And while this project is merely a conceptual idea to present a creative way to approach remote work, more design practices are exploring remote office designs. Offering socially distanced desk and hygiene measurements are just not enough to motivate workers to want to come back to the office.

Architectural designer and graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Agnieszka Białek, proposes Enclaves on Vistula River. The workspace consists of floating modules on Cracow’s (Poland) main river. Each cell is a private workshop that can be rented by an hourly booking system.
These cells are anchored to the river bed and connected, allowing them to create modular structures on the water surface which is flexible.

The design provides protection of personal space and privacy for potential users. In times of social distancing, it creates a unique comfort zone and sense of security. You don’t need to have contact with anybody else if you don’t wish to do so.

The structures exist as 3D virtual models that could be 3D-printed in the future using waterproof, recyclable materials. Working with 3D printing in the architectural scale makes it possible to build organic-shaped modules in a few days.


Floating Coworking Space

Floating Coworking Space

Floating Coworking Space

Floating Coworking Space

Floating Coworking Space

We talk in the new report Autonomous Cluster about the future of workspace, our new hybrid life, and polycentric workspaces. The floating coworking cells could be a part of it this new direction. If you are interested in receiving more info, please let us know.

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After more than a year of finding domestic solutions and adapt to what feels like an ever-changing lifestyle, consumers have become more autonomous.

What does this mean in terms of future home developments, design in general, and work-life balance? We are moving towards a hybrid life, how can we cope?

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