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Form Us With Love have reimagined the sofa of the future

Form Us With Love Samsung Shift sofa of the future Eclectic Trends tv

Form Us With Love, in collaboration with Samsung Nordic, embarked on a thought-provoking project for Stockholm Design Week 2023.

Their task was to envision the future of the traditional sofa, taking into account evolving behaviours and the need to enhance well-being.

Samsung questioned how the sofa might appear and function in 10-15 years, considering its role as the customary “place” for TV viewing. The project aimed not only to improve future viewing experiences but also to align with Samsung’s vision of “Making Life Better” by reimagining sofa design in a rapidly changing society.

Form Us With Love Samsung Shift sofa of the future Eclectic Trends

Over the past six decades, the television has evolved into the most prevalent piece of household technology. This transformation has been fueled by technological advancements, an abundance of channels, and ever-increasing consumer expectations regarding media quality and interactivity. Concurrently, the act of TV watching itself has changed, with multiple screens in homes and media consumption expanding beyond the living room into various areas of the house. Consequently, the function of the sofa has also evolved, expanding its purpose from a mere TV viewing spot to accommodating activities such as eating, sleeping, and working.


Shaping the Future of Sofa Design

In response to Samsung’s challenge, Form Us With Love has developed a groundbreaking prototype named SHIFT. This innovative design provides a glimpse into how the future of sofas may appear, adapting to upcoming TV technologies and changing consumption patterns. SHIFT has been meticulously engineered to offer maximum flexibility, accommodating different postures and viewing behaviors.

Form Us With Love Samsung Shift sofa of the future Eclectic Trends


Embracing Flexibility: SHIFT’s Adaptive Features


SHIFT embodies inherent agility and a lightweight structure that allows effortless relocation to various rooms or areas within a home. Recognizing the potential for extended periods of use, the design incorporates a webbing structure to provide a comfortable seating experience. Furthermore, SHIFT is designed with future living scenarios in mind, considering a wide range of TVs and screen setups, configurations, functions, and body postures.

“The only thing we know about the future is that we know nothing about the future. We, therefore, need to create something that will be flexible in placement, living arrangements, ways of use, and in what material options we have in the future.”

John Löfgren, Co-founder of Form Us With Love.

Technology Tailored to Individual Lifestyles and Homes

Magnus Per Nilsson, Nordic product manager, reflects on the increasing demand for technology that caters to diverse behaviors, needs, styles, and homes. Samsung’s TV range is a testament to this trend, offering options such as The Serif, which complements room aesthetics, The Freestyle, a portable solution for flexible viewing, and even The Terrace, an outdoor TV. The starting point of the project was to explore whether the sofa, if designed to accommodate a range of needs and occasions like our TVs do, could elevate the entire viewing experience.

Form Us With Love Samsung Shift sofa of the future Eclectic Trends tv

Flexible Watching for Tomorrow’s Technology

By reimagining the future of sofa design through the SHIFT prototype, Form Us With Love and Samsung Nordic have embarked on a journey to enhance well-being and adapt to the dynamic landscape of modern living. 

Form Us With Love Samsung Shift sofa of the future Eclectic Trends

Form Us With Love Samsung Shift sofa of the future Eclectic Trends material samples

Photo credits: Studio Kleiner, Samsung Nordic
SHIFT is a concept commissioned by Samsung Nordic.
In collaboration with Jung Relations

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  1. This idea is a great idea but not for a sofa unless its in a kids only TV space. It is not flexible , or diverse and and certainly not inclusive. Furthermore, It will not enhance well being just back problems and arguments.

    Sofas are sociable spaces where people can sit , talk , eat , read , sleep , drink and watch TV. This behaviour is unlikely to change. So where does granny sit on this one and more importantly get out of ? where do people put their cups and plates and how do they eat ?

    Designers need to be far more open minded and consider all users because otherwise the product is not fit for purpose.

    John Löfgren states we know nothing about the future. One thing we do know is that everyone gets older and that aging populations worldwide are on the rise. You ignore that fact at your peril

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