Fresh functional design for a primary school

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Christopher Elliott, when presented with the task of refurbishing St.Michaels Grammar School, admits’, was a steep learning curve. How to take a heritage-listed building, stepped in the school history, and create a fresh new functional design; that supports the dynamic minds of primary school students?

They worked through it by asking the students what they wanted. Unanimously, they share a love of nature and the quintessential Australian landscape. So this survey result inspired to adopt a ‘greenified’ color palette and a custom-designed carpet motive. Best seen here with the central hallway and set off beautifully by the original stain glass windows of the main entrance.

We choose to include a whimsical, random element of a bold cobalt blue arch, symbolic of the school’s embracive attitude for individuality. A standout feature, suggesting it’s okay to be different. The result is very inspiring, who wouldn’t like to go to that school?

Fresh Design For Elementary School Christopher Elliot Design

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