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From The Moodboard To The Finished Product – Bernice K. for Anthropologie

I am back to blogging though I will post much less than I used to do. I guess it’s a process and other projects are taking over quite some time now. Though I love to be here, I am shifting right now priorities a bit. The video online course is coming to life very soon and I am working on several on-site programs too.

I couldn’t think of a better post to start again than presenting you today a creative process (and inspiration board) from one of the most successful lifestyle labels that is always so inspiring.

This is just another beautiful example of watching a sketch and inspiration board and see the finalized product that came out of the creative process. The process you can observe is not that of a real moodboard collecting materials and images from different sources, but rather a gathering of colors and patterns that will be included in the collection.

from the mood board to the finished product with Bernice K- Eclectic Trends

Bernice K is Anthropologie‘s design director and she shares the process and inspiration of some of the dinnerware assortment pieces she has been designing for the American retailer.

From the moodboard to the finished product with Bernice K-Eclectic Trends

In an interview given for the in-house blog she explains that pen and paper are literally attached to her starting off any work with a sketch or watercolored draft. One of her sources are all the photos she takes wherever she goes being on a cultural event or a library.

“The process is quite organic, but it always begins with having an open eye to what you can adapt and develop.”

From the moodboard to the finished product with Bernice K-Eclectic Trends

It’s interesting to read her answer to the question of when she uses which technique:

“I find that when I paint, I’m often looser. It takes me to a place I wouldn’t normally go. I am a great believer in using the wrong brush, so that it forces something different. I have stacks of little paintings I’ve done whenever something’s caught my eye. I’ll paint it real quickly and then save it. I won’t throw it away, because I know that sooner or later, it will get used. ”


The original inspiration of the Gloriosa collection was found in Turkish textiles. If you observe the patterns here, it’s easy to  imagine their source of creative influence. They tend to juxtapose a textile idea, but infuse it into hard goods to give it new life.

From the moodboard to the finished product with Bernice K-Eclectic Trends

From the moodboard to the finished product with Bernice K-Eclectic Trends

When it comes to glassware collections, Bernice states she enjoyed very much a trip throughout central Europe, working with people who’ve done Bohemian glass for years. Everything is completely handmade with a lovely mix of different textures and motifs.

I wouldn’t mind being an intern for a while at their headquarters being immersed in the design processes of their homeware collections, I bet it’s a little master in itself.

Have a beautiful week, sending warm regards from Milan and the Salone del Mobile today! G, x

How about some extra inspiration?

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  1. I love it I love! So interesting. Thank you Gudy to make this kind of blogging series. I ordered your newsletter and it’s worth it. I really like to be their intern too. Maybe it is possible ;) This process sounds and looks very interesting and … and maker is great talent.

  2. Dear Gudy,

    thank you so so much for sharing this inspirational post with us! I truly appreciate all the effort you put in your posts!

    Have a sunny day,

  3. This is a great example of the power of mood boards. I love her sketches beside the final products. Enjoy Milan and the Salone. I can’t wait to see the trends you spot and the crushes you have. un abbraccio i. xx

    1. Thanks Galina, I will come up with an interesting post about the Salone del Mobile. It’s been a great show this year again!

  4. Such a beautiful and unique way to create a moodboard. The colours here are absolutely superb and the drawings so delicate. Welcome back Gudy, hope you had a good and well deserved rest. xx M

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