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Gathering of all natural elements: BLUE

This is the second post of this mini series and since I am drawn lately very much to anything BLUE, I am dedicating my finds to this theme today.

gathering of all natural elements-Blue2

Rachel Whiting |via The Animal Blog

gathering of all natural elements-Blue4

via The Wonderblog | Marissa Schmidt Photography

gathering of all natural elements-Blue 1

Plumule Feathers | Vincent Favre

gathering of all natural elements-Blue 3

Warren Krupsaw |via Vem da Terra

Eclectic Trends- Gathering of all blue elements Lres

 You can see my starting point of the series here, and I hope you like this color today as much as I do. Have a wonderful week still, we have summer temperatures in the city – hopefully to last quite a while still.

How about some extra inspiration?

5 Responses

  1. I love the deep blue. It has something dramatic and sophisticated. Although it is paired with olive green and burgundy a lot in stores and magazines, I prefer to mix it with white or softer colours. Good idea? You always find the most amazing photos by the way, love them!

  2. A beautiful collection, Gudy. Blue is magic. Moody and mysterious, peaceful and powerful at the same time. Have a good rest of the week!

  3. Ya te dije que me parece brutal. De verdad, eres inspiración total. Alucinante, preciosos, necesito estos colores, estas gamas para adentrarme al otoño con todas mis fuerzas!

    gracias por esta fuerte inspiración!

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